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Japanese Kukicha Tea (Loose Twig Tea) - 50g

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Macrobiotic Home Remedy Kukicha Twig Tea

Twig tea, kukicha, or stem tea is a green tea variety made from the stems of the Camellia sinensis plant instead of the leaves.

Kukicha was used as traditional Japanese medicinal foods. We have some most common recipes for some home remedies in below.

There is no scientific research confirming the effectiveness and this should not be use do replace your medicine. Please check with your personal health care provider before using this tea.

How to Use

Kukicha is used for one of the most common remedy, ume-sho-bancha.

To prepare the base, Kukicha, follow these steps.

1. Place 2 Tablespoon of loose kukicha twigs in 1L of cold water
2. Bring the tea to boil and simmer for 5 min.
3. Strain and drink warm.


This drink helps to strengthen the blood, regulate digestion and circulation, relieve fatigue and weakness, and provide relief from an over consumption of simple sugars (including fruit, fruit juices, or other acid-forming foods or beverages).

Ume stands for umeboshi
Sho for shoyu
Bancha for kukicha (in this instance but not to be confused with leaves. Kukicha is only stems)

1/3 piece of Umeboshi plum, crushed 
3-5 drops, Shoyu Soy Sauce
1 Cup, hot Kukicha Tea (prepared, hot) 
a drop of ginger *optional
(No ginger unless very contracted condition)

1. Place the umeboshi plum, shoyu and ginger in a teacup
2. Pour in hot kukicha twig tea into the cup and stir well. Drink hot.
( For children, prepare this without ginger and less shoyu.)


Twigs of the Green Tea Tree*

Product of Japan

*Sustainably grown on a small family farm with over 100 years of tradition.

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