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JUN Tea Mother Culture (JUN SCOBY)

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What is a Jun Tea Mother Culture?

SCOBY is an acronym for Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast. It is also called the 'mother' which is the home for the yeast and bacteria that transforms a sweet caffeinated tea into a tangy and fizzy probiotic rich drink. Just like Kombucha, Jun's mother culture is a combination of yeast and bacteria.

What is Jun Tea?

If you know kombucha, imagine Jun as it's cousin. Jun is also a fermented probiotic drink but brewed with green tea and raw honey instead of black tea and sugar. Jun is also a yummy, fizzy and healthy probiotic drink!

The origin of Jun is unclear but some say it originates from Northern China or TIbet. Jun is very easy to brew at home. You just need to follow a few steps and get to know your SCOBY and you’re all set!  

Why it’s good for you?

Research has shown that this anti-oxidant rich, pro-biotic beverage has benefits of detoxification, cancer prevention, digestion improvement, prevention of candida overgrowth, reducing or eliminating depression and anxiety, and even effective for boosting the immune system and energy levels.

    What is the difference between Jun & Kombucha?


    JUN - Green tea, raw honey

    KOMBUCHA - Black tea, sugar


    JUN - delicate, not as sour as kombucha


    JUN - faster then kombucha. Doesn't always produce a daughter SCOBY. ferments better at a lower temperature compared to kombucha 

    Alcohol content (in general):

    JUN - ~2-7%

    KOMBUCHA - ~0.5%

    How to make Jun Tea


    • 1L filtered water, boiled
    • 1L filtered water, room temperature 
    • 2 Tablespoons loose leaf green tea 
    • ½ cup raw honey
    • 1 Jun culture 
    • ½ cup Jun Tea starter liquid (included in the Jun Culture jar)
    1. In a large glass jar, steep the green tea with 1L of hot water for 10 minutes or more. 
    2. Strain the tea leaves and pour the tea into another glass jar and mix with the 1L of room temperature water to cool it down. Pour the raw honey into the warm tea and allow it to completely dissolve in to the solution. When the solution becomes about your body temperature or lower (37°C or lower) pour in the Jun culture with the starter liquid. Cover the glass jar with a tight meshed towel of kitchen paper secured with a rubber band and let the tea ferment in room temperature for 3 days. 
    3. When the Jun tea starts to smell pleasantly sour, it is ready to consume. you can start drinking it or, you can do the second fermentation in an airtight bottle to make it fizzy. 
    4. For the second fermentation, pour the fermented Jun tea in an airtight bottle and close the lid. let that ferment in room temperature for 2  to 3 days. You can check by opening the bottle to see if it have generated some gas. If it is ready, chill the bottle in the refrigerator before serving. 

    *Make sure you same some Jun tea for your second batch!

    Things to remember!

    • Please use this SCOBY for brewing jun only.
    • Please store in the refrigerator once you receive our jar. This is a Raw SCOBY and not dehydrated.
    • If you are going to brew a large batch (more than 2 L) please purchase 2 jars of SCOBY to support your large brew.

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