KAI Shun Combination Whetstone (#300/#1000)

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旬 コンビネーション砥石(#300・#1000)


It is a full-fledged grindstone that is easy to sharpen, as the kitchen knife manufacturer considered. In order to grind the kitchen knife in earnest, the rough grindstone will finish with a finer grindstone, starting with the rough grindstone in the order "rough grindstone" → "middle finish grindstone" → "finish grind stone". This grindstone has a rough grindstone used for the first polishing and a semi-finished grindstone that can be used for finishing.




Material Roughing: Arundum # 300, Finishing Abrasion: Arundum # 1000,
Table: Elastomer resin · polypropylene (heat-resistant temperature 70 ° C)
Size Detail Body size: about 175 × 55 × 25 mm
Country Japan


材質 荒砥:アランダム#300、仕上砥:アランダム#1000、
サイズ詳細 本体サイズ:約175×55×25mm
生産国 日本