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KAKOMI IH Donable Clay Pot 2.5L (3-4 people) - White

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Share a delicious time around the table!

KAKOMI allows both cooks and eaters to share delicious time together. Brings out the flavor of seasonal ingredients. It is a simple and comfortable design. It is a cooking utensil that you can enjoy cooking while feeling the seasons and spending time talking calmly around the table.

Steam, cook, simmer but enjoy freely 

It is a clay pot that can be used comfortably all year round, regardless of the season, and is compatible with not only open flames but also IH cookers.
With a drainboard that you can easily enjoy delicious and healthy steamed dishes on the table. It is a clay pot with a modern design with excellent functions.

Multi-compatible clay pot

It is a multi-purpose clay pot that can be used in IH cookers, halogen heaters, radiant heaters, microwave ovens, and ovens, as well as direct-fired cooking in a gas range.
You can enjoy it in a comfortable space regardless of the season by using an IH cooker that does not heat the surroundings when you eat while cooking at the table.

You can cook healthy steamed food

For steamed dishes, it's as easy as putting water in the pot, setting the attached drainboard, and putting it on the fire. The drainboard is deep enough to contain plenty of ingredients, and has a dent on the edge for easy removal. The hole for removing excess water and oil is designed with a bale-shaped slit. It tightly traps umami and nutrients for a healthy finish.

Quality supported by technology

Extremely low water absorption rate. Since KAKOMI has an extremely low water absorption rate, the smell of food does not easily transfer to the pot, and you can use it cleanly forever without worrying about mould. The day after the stewed dishes with spices such as curry, you can enjoy the lightly seasoned yudofu without hesitation.


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