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Jung Sung - Korean Ginseng & Dried Jujube Honey Tea - 220gm (7.76oz)

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Ingredients: 6 years old Korean ginseng, Korean dried jujube & pure Korean mixed flower honey

Country of Origin: South Korea

Along with Korean ginseng, dried jujube (or dried date) is another popular ingredient for Korean homemade tea. Korean dried jujube is generally sweeter than dates from other regions. It provides a unique texture for tea lovers.

How to: Take 1 tbsp in a cup, add warm water. Adjust it according to own taste by adding more honey tea or water. All ingredients are meant to be eaten. It is not only a great healthy tea; it is also excellent for morning breakfast as a spread on toast, yogurt topping, oatmeal topping, avocado topping or afternoon snack on crackers. Enjoy!

Traditionally, dried jujubes would be thrown to bride's skirt as part of the Korean wedding ceremony (폐백, Pyebaek) which is a form of blessing to have many children.

Common Health Benefits of Korean Ginseng Honey & Dried Jujube Honey Tea:

  • Improve the immune system 
  • Relax the nervous system 
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Protect the digestive system
  • Increase bone mass

 Other Benefits of Dried Jujube (Dried Date): rich in vitamins and minerals

  • Repair damaged skin cells 
  • Maintain healthy skin 
  • Maintain elasticity of the skin

Korean homemade tea literally started from our kitchen one late autumn when I received a package of Korean delicacies from a friend who loves to travel to Korea. In this thoughtful package, was a large bag of fully grown 6 years old fresh Korean ginseng, she had brought back from a recent trip to Korea. I prepared the ginseng into Korean Ginseng honey tea, enough to store and share with the family and friends during the cold winter. 

Although the temperature in Hong Kong may not be as low as many places in the north, winters in Hong Kong can still feel quite cold with the extra moisture in the air.  Winters in Hong Kong can feel especially cold because central heating in homes is not the norm. Imagine the inside of your house can sometimes feel colder than the outside, almost like an ice box!

I shared the ginseng honey tea with some of our close friends and all of them asked if I could make more and better yet if they could buy the prepared tea from me.  The more I shared with people, the more requests I received to sell the tea.  “It is all natural and healthy,” they said.  “Why not?” And that is how started.

About our farmers:

 “정성, Jung Sung”, means “preparing with dedication, patience, and love.”  As a gesture of appreciation for our ginseng and bee farmers, we would like to dedicate our name to them for all their hard work. 

Ginseng farmers prepare planting sites 2-3 years in advance. Even before planting a single seed, they add fertilizers and aerate the soil to even out the nutrients within. Then they plant the seeds one by one and build canopies to protect them from direct sunlight and yet maintaining good air flow.  In winters, ginseng plants need to be kept warm at all times. Farmers care for this delicate plant for a minimum of four years before it can be harvested. In order to get the maximum health benefit from ginseng, the farmers often wait 6 years before it is harvested.  

As for our honey, we only sell newly harvested fresh honey (from spring to fall). As environmental conditions become harsh, sadly, the honey harvest becomes less every year…. 

Thank you

We would like to thank all the support and mutual love for Korean food from people in Hong Kong and around the world as we embark on the journey to build this homemade Korean tea online shop. It is all-natural, fresh and healthy which Koreans believe and appreciate for centuries as gifts from mother nature.

To learn more about Korean cuisine, please visit publications under “Han Cook Mama” video from Hong Kong newspaper, Apple Daily magazine “eat & travel weekly”.  

The Han Cook Mama video is made for anyone living in Hong Kong who appreciates Korean food. Videos are dubbed in Cantonese but you can find English recipes through our blog. 

We have also developed a multi-lingual app “easychinesewriting”, although it is not directly related to Korean, the app has been translated into 5 different languages (English, French, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish) with full audio features. We created this app for iPads and iPhones to help non-Chinese children to learn Chinese writing. 

This is the youtube demo video link: 

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