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Lily Fresh - Mangosteen & Lychee Smoothies

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The unique smell and taste of Lychee is perfectly harmonized with the exotic taste of the Queen of Fruit, Mangosteen, resulting in an even more unique fruit sensation with high vitamin and calcium.


SMOOTHIE Is a “thick” beverage made of blended “raw” fruit and/or vegetable with it without adding other ingredients. Smoothie includes “dietary fiber”, often from pulp, skin and flex seeds and so is thicker than normal fruit juice or juice from concentrate. The texture is more or less similar to milkshake or light yogurt. The dietary fiber is what makes smoothie very outstanding. It makes smoothies “healthier” than fruit juice alone. Lily Fresh Mangosteen smoothie blends sweet pulp, skin, and small seeds of this so-called super fruit together, making it contain more nutritions than normal juice you see in the market.

Lily Fresh

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