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Any questions? WhatsApp us on +852 5539 0014

Medicine Flower Organic Pineapple Flavor Extract - 15ml

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Our Solvent Free Terpene Blends are derived from high quality, individual isolated terpenes. These organic terpenes are extracted from natural plant sources using plant analytics to recreate terpene profiles and flower-like effect. These terpene blends are designed specifically for customers who want to remain solvent free. They do not contain THC or CBD, just terpenes.

Our team of chemists and formulators worked hard to recreate this strain's terpene profile, giving you a repeatable and controlled effect every single time. To create this blend, we've used the following key terpenes. This is only a partial list of the blend's formulation; each blend actually contains far more isolates.

  • D-Limonene: Commonly found in sweet fruit peel oils, offering a citrus aroma. Promotes elevated spirit, work relief, and happiness.
  • Beta-Caryophyllene: Exhibits a sweet, dry taste, similar to allspice. Offers discomfort help and great addition to any lotion. Typically extracted from black pepper, clove, and Rosemary. Exhibits a spicy or peppery fragrance.
  • Myrcene:  Has a pleasant aroma reminiscent of cloves. Occurs frequently in fragrant plants, such as mangoes, lemongrass, hops, and bay laurel leaves. Helps reduce discomfort. It also acts as a mild soothing agent and help for seasonal problems.
  • Alpha-Pinene: Offers help with discomfort and energy. It’s found in pine needles and exhibits a pine-wood aroma.
  • Beta-Pinene: Found in lime peel oil, ginger, rosemary, and sage. The flavor profile exhibits pine and wood accents.
  • Fenchol: It’s found in fennel and exhibits a bitter lime-like flavoring.
  • Terpineol: carries a pine and sometimes lilac aroma. It helps with discomfort.
  • Ocimene: Found in a wide variety of fruits and plants. It’s got a sweet woodsy aroma and found mainly in parsley, pepper, and basil. Common benefits include antiviral, antifungal, and decongestant.
  • Humulene: Naturally occurs in basil, hops, and cloves and carries a subtle woodsy, earthy aroma paired with spicy herbal accents. .
  • Alpha Bisabolol: Produced by the chamomile flower and other similar plants. Acts to help discomfort.