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Mikura Vinegary Akane Sakekasu Red Vinegar - 300ml

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Mikura Vinegary is a small company based in Mihama-cho, Minamimuro-gun, Mie Prefecture.

Akane red vinegar is made from sake lees from Mie Prefecture that is aged for three years. The reddened sake lees are then used as raw material and fermented in wooden barrels using the surface fermentation method.

Akane red vinegar is special as they use more sake lees compared to the traditional ratio of alcohol to sake lees. As a result, a darker red vinegar has been created compared to the conventional product (Junshu). This red vinegar is rich in the power of sake lees and has an even more flavorful taste. The fermentation process takes approximately 70 days.

In the hot and humid climate of the Kumano region of Eastern Kishu and the natural environment brought about by the subsoil water of the Kumano River, they stick to the usage of wooden barrels and brew their vinegar with the power of nature and time.
This method of brewing in wooden barrels takes a lot of time and effort, and the amount produced at a time is limited, but they work hard every day to deliver the rich flavor.

Vinegar brewed in Wooden Barrels, where the bacteria work on their own, has less acidity and a milder taste than fast-brewed vinegar.

The careful, unhurried fermentation and aging process gives it a distinct mellow aroma.
Vinegar, a traditional seasoning, is a healthy food and beverage perfect for your daily diet and a gift.

In order to attract young generations who are conscious of quality and food safety, Mikura vinegary has redesigned all the labels to purposely remove the impression of traditional vinegar.

The logo of “MIKURA Vinegary” is composed of
a line that symbolizes the mountain range of Kumano Sanzan,
a straight line that expresses sincerity, and
a line that symbolizes Kumano Sea which opens up to the future.
These three lines expresses the immovable earth and the bright future that lies ahead.

The sound of the word “MIKURA” also comes from the words “Utsukushi Kurashi (beautiful life in Japanese).” They believe that a beautiful life is a life that is healthy and comfortable.

MIKURA Vinegary will continue to put their hearts into each product they offer to propose “a healthy, comfortable and beautiful life” to everyone.

Ingredients: Alcohol (Japan), Sakekasu (Mie Prefecture).

Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight. After opening the bottle, airborne acetic acid bacteria may cause floating objects to form and the flavor may deteriorate. Keep the cap tightly closed.

Product of Japan

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