Natoha Herbal Eye Pillows (3 Selections)

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Eye Pillows infused with herbs for a revitalising night's sleep

Contains: Hokkaido's Azuki beans and a blend of high-quality Okinawa-made organic herbs designed to help get a better night's sleep.  

Three Types of Herbs:

1) Eucalyptus 

  • A scent with a refreshing feeling, when you want to calm down your mind and increase your concentration.
  • Eucalyptus ls also used for respiratory problems and recommended during  pollen season or the beginning of a cold

2) Shell Ginger

  • A refreshing sweet fragrance that relieves tension and anxiety and will promote better sleep
  • Also great for anti-inflammation and tightening effect on skin
  • Due to its high cosmetic effect, it has recently been drawing attention as a skin care ingredient.

3) Lemongrass 

  • The refreshing fragrance of the green system like lemon makes you feel refreshed and relieves anxiety 

How to Use

  • Can be used nightly
  • Please warm up the inside cover of Eye Pillow with a microwave oven

The weight of the red bean and red bean puts a gentle pressure on your eyes to help you fall asleep quicker

  • Azuki beans with high moisture content compared with other beans will generate natural steam after warming and will help those suffering from dry eyes

How to Maintain

  • Remove the outer cover and wash 

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