Nature's Charm Coconut Whipping Cream - 400ml

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It's so rich from full fat coconut cream and virgin coconut oil. This makes it way richer and healthier than the ordinary coconut milk. All these goodies from coconuts are not just good for your health, they are also good for your taste buds too because coconut oil is the magical ingredient which enhances the cream's texture and the stability of the whipped cream. Natural vanilla extract has also been added to  give it a nice hint of vanilla flavour. This winner item s suitable in all your baked goods and toppings. Simply just chill-Pour-Whip and enjoy.


Ingredient: Coconut cream, virgin coconut oil, coconut sugar, guar gum


Nutritional Information

Size: 400ml
Packing: tin can (BPAni)
Country of origin: Thailand
Storage: store at dry cool place avoid direct sunlight




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