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Organic Fresh Winter Truffle - 50g

  • HK$58800

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Seasonal & Limited 
USDA Organic
Fresh Truffle

Truffles are known to be quite costly but it is certainly a delicacy that provides a beautiful rich flavour to your dishes along with many added health benefits! Recent reports have shown that truffles can provide a great deal of health benefits especially to vegans and vegetarians!

Benefits include:

  • Truffles are low in fat - so it is ideal for people concerned with their fat intake
  • Cholesterol-free - so for those at a higher risk of heart attacks or strokes, this would be definitely okay to consume in your diet
  • Rich source of protein - high in all essential amino acids needed to maintain proper health
  • Low glycemic index food - do not cause significant spikes in the blood glucose levels

How to Use Truffles

  • Because of the strong aroma of fresh truffles especially, you don't need a lot when cooking
  • Shaved truffles can be added over salads or pasta
  • If cut paper-thin, they can be inserted into meats before roasting or be used in stuffings

Ingredients: 100% Truffle

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