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Organic Highland Fuji Apples (Box of 6)

  • HK$22000

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Grow in the 1300 feet high plateau far from pollutants and contaminants from the cities. No chemical pesticides or fruit wax coating are used during the entire growing and harvesting process. Only organic fertilizers  were used, and pests were controlled using tradition farming techniques.

Tested on 313 types of pesticides residue with results of "Not Detected" for all.

No artificial wax is ever added to any of our apples.

The waxiness you may encounter is a naturally occurring coating the apple exudes as a natural protection. This waxy coating is called epicuticular wax, as it forms the cuticle of the fruit. It is essentially paraffin. It acts to both seal in moisture and keep out fungi, dirt and microorganisms.

The apple is one of the fruits that produce its own wax. Many other fruits produce wax such as plums, pears, etc. The natural wax produced by the apple serves several vital roles. This natural wax:

  • Helps the apples resist moisture loss, 
  • Enhances fruit firmness
  • Slows down the natural degradation of the apples.

An apple with a good waxy coating will store better than one with a partial waxy coating or no waxy coating at all. Growers can take advantage of the storage ability of many apple varieties because of this waxy coating. You might have heard the term “controlled-atmosphere storage” and wondered about it. Apples can remain in controlled-atmosphere (CA) storage for a long period simply by reducing the oxygen levels in storage. Some apples such as Fuji and Delicious can be stored up to one year in CA storage. (Certified Organic apples are never held this long). CA storage does not involve adding any chemicals – just modifying the environment by lowering the oxygen levels and temperature, and tightly controlling the environment around the apple. The apple must have its waxy coating intact in order to benefit from CA storage.


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