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Organic Maple Syrup Golden Canada Grade A 有機楓樹糖漿 250ml

  • HK$16800

“Liquid Gold” is the best description of this extra light maple sap which provides a gentle taste and fruitful minerals. The most representative product from Quebec indicates the wide range of flavours found in this exceptional product.

- Healthier alternative to refined sugar & artificial sweeteners
- Relatively low calories & low GI
- Free from chemical additives, preservatives, and agents
- Rich in minerals as magnesium, potassium, zinc, calcium,
  magnesium etc and vitamins B
- Contains more than 54 beneficial compounds process
  anti-oxidant and anti-flammability properties
- Help boosting immune system & increase metabolism
- Process Maintain brain and heart healthy
- Promote healthy digestion
- Aids in maintaining male reproductive health


- 純天然甜味劑,精製糖和人工甜味劑的健康替代品
- 較低卡路里和較低升糖指數(66),不含化學添加劑及防腐劑
- 含礦物質如鎂,鉀,鋅,鈣等以及維生素B
- 包含54種具有抗氧化和抗炎功能的健康元素
- 增強免疫力及提升新陳代謝,保持腦部,心臟及消化系統健康,
- 維持男性生殖健康

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