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Organic Raw Sprouted Hazelnut Butter with Cacao - 200g

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Organic stone ground sprouted raw hazelnut butter is prepared using the whole hazelnut, including the skin. The nuts are sprouted and ground with a stone grinder at a low temperature to keep the nutrients intact. Slightly grainy texture is form the chunks of sprouted hazelnuts and raw coconut sugar!

A good source of vitamin E, magnesium, fiber and protein. The nuts are soaked, thus releasing their naturally occurring chemical known as phytic acid and enzyme-inhibitors.  The soaking process helps to remove these chemicals which makes them easier to digest and assimilate.  Soaking also helps to enhance the natural flavor of the nuts. After sprouting, the nuts are dehydrated for 24 hours before grinding.  Our grinding process is the key to the smooth taste of our almond butter.

We've only used four ingredients and no fillers or nasties. This is the purest Hazulnut and Cacao blend you can ever get. Enjoy the delicious "Nutella-like" spread to put on anything!

Suggested use

Good for spreading on top of your favourite breakfast dishes, or as a chocolate sauce for pretty much anything you want.  We love it just on its own too!


Organic Sprouted Hazelnuts, Organic Coconut Flower Sugar, Organic Raw Cacao Powder, Himalayan Crystal Salt


Sold in a glass jar.

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Nice crunchy texture and not too sweet, which is great. Maybe a bit less liquid would be nice, but I’ll try to put it in the fridge.