Organic Rye Cinnamon Roll Bread with PINK Fairy Icing (Vegan) - 12 mini rolls

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Fresh bread baked to order! 

A healthy super delicious alternative to the classic Cinnabon rolls!

We made this based on our popular Organic Rye Cinnamon Roll Bread with Almond Butter Icing (Sprouted & Vegan) with more rolls in smaller portions. The base is made with sourdough and organic wholemeal rye flour . The Fairy Icing is made from 100% natural food colors and a monk fruit sweetener to keep your blood sugar levels low. The filling is made from coconut butter and cinnamon and is completely vegan. This product is 100% vegan and incredibly tasty and fun to share with friends and family!
*This bread is NOT GLUTEN FREE


Since the middle ages rye grain, secale cereale, has been widely cultivated in Central and Eastern Europe and used for traditional bread making.

This Organic Rye Flour has a distinctive flavour and is still milled the old fashioned way, using whole grains of rye in the stoneground process. It is naturally lower in gluten than wheat, producing close textured breads with a pleasing continental flavour  


How to eat it:
  • We recommend that you consume it within 2 days of delivery.  It is also best eaten if you quickly warm it up in a toaster oven or microwave.  We promise it tastes just like the Cinnabons you get in the West without all the added junk!
  • If it is not consumed within 2 days from delivery, we recommend to slice and freeze until you are ready to devour it again!

Sit back, cut a slice, serve up some of your favourite coffee for that perfect breakfast/mid-afternoon snack/dessert (or whenever you like really) and enjoy!!



*This product was produced in a kitchen where wheat, nut and soy are also handled.  If you have any concerns about food allergies, please contact us at before purchasing or consuming this product.

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Love them buns

Amazing buns. Can’t get enough of the buns.

Great news to our Team, James!
'BLUE Fairy Icing' and 'Almond Butter Keto Icing' awaiting you to try!