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Organic Sake Tsuchida Shuzo (Homare Kokko) Junmai Daiginjyo Platinum 土田酒造(誉国光)純米大吟醸 プラチナ - 720ml

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The highest grade "Junmai Daiginjo" of Homare Kokko

No additives, including chemicals, acids, enzymes, deoxidizer used in the processing of this sake. Tsuchida brewery is one of the three sake brewers that can brew sake with this organic method which requires high skills and attention to the fermentation process. 

With this grade of sake, it is recommended not to heat it. Drink it chilled or room temperature to enjoy the flavor. 

100% Yamahai yeast used for the fermentation.

Yamahai is a traditional method of making use of the natural lactic acid bacterium during the sake making process. Manmade lactic acids are used in modern processes but at Tsuchida brewery, they follow the traditional method of waiting for the natural lactic acid to form and ferment the sake.

Yamahai means "abolishing Yama Oroshi". Yama Oroshi is a process where the sake brewers steam the rice and blend it until it turns into a rice porridge texture. By "abolishing'" this, it means it that the brewers let the process happen on its own by the fermentation process. It will take longer but this is a more natural way of making sake. 

Grade: Junmai Daiginjo (highest grade of sake)
Taste: Smooth and pure sake taste
Sake Brewery: Tsuchida Shuzo Brewery (Gunma, Japan) 
Ingredients: 100% Yamada Nishiki Rice (known as the best rice for sake making) 
Rice Polish Rate: 35% 
Brewing water: The underflow water of Hotaka Mountain Range
Yeast: Yamahai 
Extraction (Squeezing) method : Yabuta Style
ABV: 15%
Size: 720ml

※Comes in a gift box







*1 最近の主流は、人口の乳酸を使うのですが、土田酒造さんは全て自然の中にいる乳酸菌 (空気の中とか壁にくっういてる菌たち)が降りてくるのをひたすら待つとのことです。

*2 山廃の意味とは、「山おろし」という名前の"蒸した米、麹、水を混ぜ粥状になるまですりつぶす工程"を廃止するという意味で、「山」「廃」という名前がついたそうです。簡単にいうと、何にも手出さずに、自然の力にお任せという時間のかかるすごい工程のことです。

原料米 : 山田錦100%
精米歩合 : 35%
仕込水 : 武尊連峰の伏流水
アルコール分 : 15度(原酒)
酒母方法 : 山廃 
上槽(搾り)方法 : 薮田式自動圧搾機
内容量 : 720ml

Customer Reviews

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Brooke Babington
Holy Water

Wow — so smooth — every time I serve this to people they are in shock as this the real sake —- they love it

Thank you for your review and purchase at Foodcraft! Nice to hear that!