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Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Shio Koji - 500g

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What is Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Shio Koji?
Shio Koji (塩こうじ/塩麴/塩糀)is a traditional Japanese condiment and has regained its popularity among the Japanese around 2011 up to this date due to its health benefits and simply the great flavors. This miracle condiment has been exported to countries out of Japan and you might see some modern Japanese restaurants serving dishes with Shio Koji.

This natural seasoning is made in a very simple way and there are only 3 ingredients - Koji, Salt and water. This simplicity make this condiment versatile and can be used in many recipes, not to limit to Japanese food only!

Why it’s good for you:
Our Shio Koji is unique because it is:-

Raw - There are 2 types of rice koji*. One is dried (乾燥麹: kansou koji)and the other is raw (生麹: Nama Koji). They both have their pro and cons but we like to use raw koji as it has the most powerful fermentation power. We use the same koji for our signature miso

Sprouted - We do not skip this process. Sprouting rice is as important as sprouting your nuts and seeds. It removes the phytic acid and activates the grain.

Made from Organic Brown Rice - We only use a certified organic whole grain brown rice. Most of the koji sold in the market will be made from white rice as its is easier to cultivate. 

If you are looking into an ultimate healthy culture for your Japanese fermentation, we trust our Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Shio Koji will fulfill your expectations. 

*For more information about our Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Raw Koji, please check here.

How we make it
We use the freshly made Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Raw Koji and mix it well with water and Himalayan Crystal Salt and let it ferment with care for 7 to 10 days in a glass container. For more details, check out this page where we share the recipe of how we make this Shio Koji.

Suggested use
Shio Koji usage is not limited to Japanese food and can be used as a salt replacement in baked goods or non-Japanese dishes as well. The most common way to use this condiment is as a marinate, a meat tenderizer, an Umami enhancer or a pickle base. There are endless recipes of how to use Shio Koji which we introduce in our recipe blogs.

Shio koji recipes
Hijiki salad with Kabocha and Lotus Roots flavoured with shio koji
Shio-Koji & Toasted Sesame Oil Chicken Liver (塩麴とごま油のさっぱり鶏レバー)

    Organic Brown rice, filtered water, Himalayan Crystal Salt, Tane Koji (Aspergillus oryzae)

    Packaging: Glass jar

    *This product was prepared in a vegan kitchen.  However, if you have or are concerned about food allergies, please contact us at before consuming this product.