Perfect Keto Whey Protein, Chocolate flavour

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Fuel your workout with keto protein + MCTs.

Your protein shake just got whey more beneficial. New Perfect Keto Whey is a great-tasting powdered protein supplement perfect for pre-workout, post-workout, on the go, or whenever you need to add protein to your diet.


The doctor-formulated powder combines grass-fed whey protein isolate (90%) with ketone-boosting MCTs, making it one of the few protein supplements available that contains keto fats. Add a bit of unsweetened cocoa powder, sea salt and stevia leaf extract, and you have a delicious powdered supplement to enjoy any time and way you like. No cheap amino acids that give false protein readings.




Whey protein isolate (90%) from grass-fed dairy, MCT oil powder, cocoa powder, sea salt, stevia leaf extract, gum acacia.