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PureSpaghetti 意大利麵 - Organic & Gluten Free

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Sugar Free | Gluten Free | Low Calorie | Fat Free | Grain Free | Low in Carbs

PureSpaghetti is a healthier option for all your regular spaghetti dishes.

Instead of wheat, it is made from konjac root which is high in fiber and low in calories. PureSpaghetti is gluten free, contains almost no carbohydrates, no fat, no sugar and only 6 calories in every 100 gram portion. It therefore fits well in an LCHF diet or for people with diabetis. PureSpaghetti is certified organic.

Each pack contains 200 grams of PureNoodles which is suitable for two small portions or one large portion.

How to cook

(We recommend you heat this product to remove the konjac smell.) 

1. Drain the water using a sieve .

2. Rinse with cold water

3. Cook as you would with "COOKED" pasta. (stair-fry, boil in soup, sauté, mix in a salad... etc.) 

4. serve!

*PureSpaghetti will taste better after heated. Konjac has a naturally occurring 'raw' flavor that might not be pleasant when eaten raw.

PureSpaghetti 意大利麵

PurePasta帶給您更健康的選擇! PurePasta淳簡之食目前擁有三個產品:淳簡之食-意大利麵(PureSpaghetti)、淳簡之食-麵條(PureNoodles)和淳簡之食-飯食(PureRice) PurePasta淳簡之食-意大利麵與普通的傳統方式製造的米飯不一樣:它的原料不是小麥,而是KGM——魔芋葡甘聚糖(Konjacglucomannan),它來自魔芋的根部,是一種可溶於水的纖維。這讓它具有天然的不含乳糖,不含麩質,低卡路里,低碳水化合物和富含纖維的特性。 無論您是想降低碳水化合物的攝入,還是您正處於LCHF高脂肪低卡路里(Low Carb High Fat)的飲食過程中,或者您是對谷蛋白過敏,PurePasta都是您健康飲食而享受美味的首選。


Nutrition facts pr 100gr net
Energy 6kcal/24kj
Protein 1g
Carbohydrates 1g
Fat 0g
Fiber 3.6g
Sodium 0g

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