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Raw Almond Butter (Blanched) - 454g - FoodCraft Online Store

Raw Almond Butter (Blanched) - 454g

  • HK$19800


Raw stone ground almond butter is prepared using the raw almonds that are peeled. The nuts are ground with a stone grinder at a low temperature to keep the nutrients intact.

Why it's good for you:

A good source of vitamin E, magnesium, fiber and protein. Our grinding process with the stone grinder is the key to the smooth taste of our almond butter. 

Suggested use:

Good for making smoothies, use as a spread, making dips, adding to curries and stews as a thickener,  making dressings and sauces, adding to dessert to create a rich flavor. By removing the skin of the almonds, we've achieved to create a white colored almond butter which is specially good for using in baking and for recipes with vibrant colors. 


Raw almonds, peeled 

Nutritional value:


Sold in a glass jar.


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