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Raw Paleo Bliss Balls with Skin Food - 6 pcs

  • HK$11800

*Please keep refrigerated at all times*

Description: Paleo Bliss Balls using all natural ingredients dusted with dehydrated raspberry crumbles for a tangy crisp!

It's a great afternoon pick-me-up that will keep you energised and feeling satisfied throughout the day.


  • Paleo friendly - all ingredients used in this recipe are whole foods 
  • White sugar-free (Dates have numerous a mount of health benefits and are a staple sweetener for paleo diets)
  • Great dessert option for those who just want a sweet ending without having to indulge in big portions

Sprouted walnuts, Medjool dates*, raw cacao powder*, raw coconut nectar*, raspberries*, LoveRaw Skin Food (rosehip powder*, goji berry powder*, maca powder*, baobab powder*, lucuma powder*, camu camu powder*, acai powder*) raw cacao nibs*, Himalayan Crystal Salt (*organic)

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