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Raw Spirulina Energy Balls (Keto) - 6 pcs

  • HK$11800

*Please keep refrigerated at all times*

Description: NEW Keto-Friendly Spirulina Balls using Bulletproof Mitosweet sweetener dusted in coconut flakes


  • Not used with dates, coconut butter used as binder instead so it is very low in sugar and keto-friendly
  • Keto is a great diet plan for those who want to lose weight and feel great as it gives you sustained levels of energy throughout the day!
  • Spirulina is high in protein, vitamin B, omega 3 and 6 fats and can help lower risk of cancer, blood pressure, and total cholesterol

Coconut Butter*, Hemp Seeds*, White sesame seeds*, Desiccated Coconuts*, Mitosweet, Blueberries*, Spirlina*

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