Raw Stone Ground Macadamia Butter - 200g

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Our macadamia nut butter is 100% macadamias unlike many of the store-brought brands that tend to mix cashews into it.  They are hand-made in small batches and kept at its raw natural state as it goes through our stone-grinder to create that super silky smooth texture.


  • Straight out of the jar!
  • As a spread on toast, pancakes, and more!
  • Instant macadamia nut milk blended with water
  • Add in oatmeal, layered in parfaits, and great in savoury dishes
  • Add to coffee as an alternative fat source for your bulletproof coffee! It makes the coffee taste deliciously nutty and keeps you energized and full throughout the day!


    • Promotes heart health - rich in monounsaturated fatty acids which helps make platelets less sticky and less likely to form blood clots
    • Aids in weight loss - low in carbohydrates, high in fiber, and the monounsaturated fats can accelerate fat metabolism
    • Strengthens hair and improves skin health as the palmitoleic acid in the nuts hydrates skin, promotes skin healing, and strengthens hair
    • Great for those on a keto, paleo, vegan diets and more!


    100% Raw Macadamia Nuts (Stone-Ground)

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    Macadamia Butter
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