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Rivers Cold Brew Maker - 1000ml

RIVERS - Strainer Pot Heron Volume: 1000ml Heat-resistance Temp: 120C (Lid) Freezing-resistance Temp: -40C (Lid) Resistance-temp difference: 120C (Pot) Size: W:140mm x D:90mm x H:220mm          How to brew Cold Brew Coffee Here is how to use the Strainer Hot Heron. Heron is 1L size coffee pot...

RIVERS - Strainer Pot Heron
Volume: 1000ml
Heat-resistance Temp: 120C (Lid)
Freezing-resistance Temp: -40C (Lid)
Resistance-temp difference: 120C (Pot)
Size: W:140mm x D:90mm x H:220mm
How to brew Cold Brew Coffee

Here is how to use the Strainer Hot Heron.

Heron is 1L size coffee pot designed to make cold brew coffee. Cold brew coffee is a method of extracting coffee with water that mellows the bitterness and allows you to taste the delicate and sweet flavor the coffee beans compared to iced coffee. Of course, this will depend on the type of beans used but we find that cold brew is more suitable for enjoying specialty coffee then just iced coffee

Heron strainer can brew about 800ml. Although the pot is 1L, you will be using about 80g of coffee beans and the liquid will be absorbed by the beans so the yield will be about 800ml. This will make about 4 to 5 glasses of cold brew coffee and will be a good size to serve at home.

How to use(Watch the video in bellow)

A. Please prepare

・Water(800 ~ 900ml)
・Ground coffee beans (medium coarse) 80gm(Try to use good quality beans!)
・A dish to put the strainer after brewing(If you are going to strain it at the sinc you can skip this item)

B. How to brew

(1) Set the strainer on to the pot. (Don't close the lid yet.)
(2) Add 80g of the medium course ground coffee beans into the strainer. 
(3) Pour the 800〜900ml water onto the beans from the top.
(4) You can use a long stick to give the beans a gentile stir.
(5) The brewing time is 8 to 12 hours depending on the beans. This will depend on the type of coffee beans, the type of roast and how it was ground. Please enjoy finding your best brew.
(6) After the brew, remove the strainer from the pot and pour out the coffee. Enjoy!

※Tips for brewing delicious cold brew coffee
・It is essential to use high quality beans for a good brew as cold brew method will extract the flavors directly from the beans.
・Many people ask if it is better to brew in the fridge or in room temperature. From our experience, we think we can get the flavors out better in room temperature. However if the brew time is going to be long its a good idea to brew in the refrigerator. 

What are your thoughts so far? Cold brew coffee is easier then you've thought, right :) ?

Heron's strainer has a wide mouth and easy to wash. 
You can try adding flavors to your cold brew, like orange and some other summery items. Enjoy your original recipe! 

How to make Cold Brew Coffee 





A. 用意するものは以下の通りです。

・水(800 ~ 900ml)

B. 淹れ方

(1) ストレーナをポット本体にセットします(フタはしないでください)。
(2) 予め中粗挽きした豆80gを、ストレーナの中に入れます。
(3) 用意した800〜900mlの水を豆の上から注ぎ、豆全体がしっかりと浸かるまで注ぎ切ります。
(4) 注ぎが終わったら、少しマドラーなどで撹拌してあげて馴染ませてあげるのも有効です
(5) 抽出時間は最低8時間から、豆によっては12時間ぐらいでも大丈夫です。
(6) 抽出が完了したら、ストレーナを外して注ぐだけです。





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Rivers Cold Brew Maker - 1000ml
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