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SELECT100 • Japanese Fruit Knife

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Super simple to use, ergonomically-designed, and beautifully crafted for the kitchen.  The handle and blade dimensions were carefully chosen to make cutting fruits easy and effortless!

The 120 mm blade width makes it very easy to cut apples into two parts.  After awhile, if the blade becomes dull, you can simply sharpen as you would with any other kitchen knife!

Material Stainless steel blade, Handle / polypropylene (Heat resistant temperature /130C)
Case / ABS resin ((Heat resistant temperature /100C)
Size Size of the knife
Length 235 × With of knife 32 × Height 12 mm
Length of blade 120 mm, Thickness 1.5 mm
Weight 59 g





材質 材質:刃/ステンレス刃物鋼柄/ポリプロピレン(耐熱温度/130度)さや/ABS樹脂(耐熱温度/100度)
サイズ詳細 本体サイズ