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So Coco Organic Coconut Water - 4 Flavours 235ml (Set of 6)

  • HK$19800

so coco hong kong

No Heating | No Preservatives | No Added Sugar 


Using only USDA certified organic NAM HOM coconuts and a high pressure processing technique (HPP), the coconut water comes as natural as nature intended. HPP uses high pressure instead of heat or preservatives to inhibit micro flora growth in fresh foods, allowing the ingredients to safely stay in its unaltered raw form. Because of the chilled temperature in which the juice is treated, the naturally occurring superior taste, flavor profile and metabolism of electrolytes and nutrients remain intact.


Variations in levels of antioxidants such as polyphenols are found naturally in coconut water. These antioxidants when reacted with light and oxidation can cause it to turn pink. Like other fruits, oxidation doesn’t change the health benefits or taste, it just makes it look different. In the case of this delicious organic coconut water, a pink phenomenon which is proudly embraced.



Coconut Water

100% Organic Nam Hom Coconut Water


Cold Brewed Coffee

100% Organic Nam Hom Coconut Water, Organic Cold Brew coffee


Green Oolong Tea

100% Organic Coconut Water, Organic Cold Brew Oolong tea


Rose Oolong Tea

100% Organic Nam Hom Coconut Water, Organic Cold Brew Rose Red Oolong Tea 


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