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Sykofagos Vegan Fig Salami with Smoked n Paprika, 250g

  • HK$10700

Fig pies are a traditional Mediterranean snack. They are handmade and vegan made with only natural ingredients.

A simple but delicious idea took form .To handcraft superior products and tastes that would embrace delicious and exceptional qualities. The result is the Fig Salami, a fig indulgence for all the senses. 

Enjoy these pies as a snack or dessert. Alternitevely it can be combined with yoghurt, cheese, sausages or salami.

Ingredients: Dried figs from Kymi, halepo pepper, cinnamon, smoked paprika

Keep refrigerated after opening.

Note* - this is not a real meat salami substitute but more as a dessert/snack as the figs give it a sweet taste.

Nutritional information


Pro 100gr


330 kcal


1.5 g


78 g

Dietary fibre

12 g


4.5 g


58 mg


0.6 mg

Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.

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