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Any questions? WhatsApp us on +852 5539 0014

The big “M” class by Beth Wright - Lifestyle changes to support your menopause journey

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*Class Cancellation Policy applies, please refer to the bottom of page

Menopause - the topic no one is talking about but everyone should! Candid discussion about how to manage menopause.
Join Beth to learn what a big girl can do to manage her new phase in life.

- How to Demystifying menopause
- How to navigate and support your journey with simple lifestyle changes

- Knowledge to know about you and your hormones 💗

- 1x Pen to take notes

Length of Class: 2 hours
Venue: Room A, 16F, Yiuga Factory Building, 62 Victoria Road, Kennedy Town 

We will confirm your seat(s) once all fees are received. Deadline for any cancellation or changes(eg. rescheduling) is 7 days prior to the scheduled date of the event. All fees will become non-refundable after the deadline. Cancellation requests should be made in writing at least 7 days prior to the class for any refund to be processed.
*The policy applies to sign-ups within the 7-day period before the scheduled event

Beth Wright

About Beth:

Beth Wright is the founder of “B Fit the Wright Way”, a well-respected holistic Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Health Coach.

Beth works with clients all around the world and has gained a reputation as the go-to nutritionist for both men and women that are looking to reach specific goals or simply improve not only their appearance but overall health and wellbeing. She is passionate about creating truly individualized programs for her clients and focuses on nutrition, optimizing hormone health, personalized supplementation, blood sugar management and many other lifestyle strategies to support and enhance her client’s health.

A qualified personal trainer, yoga & Pilates instructor, in addition to being a nutritionist and functional medicine health coach, Beth is a true believer that only a personalized approach will achieve sustainable results for her clients. She works hand in hand with a small number of clients to create tailored plans that focus not only on nutrition and fitness, but sleep, stress management, healthy hormones and even social engagement with others.  All essential to achieve a healthy happy outlook to life! A lawyer by day, Beth is passionate about helping men and women achieve a healthy balance in the hectic city of Hong Kong.  

Website : B Fit the Wright Way
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