Organic Vegetables & Fruit Box (Regular/Large)

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Due to flight schedule changes by the airlines, this week's delivery will be targeted for Saturday. Harvest and packing will be Thursday.


Order cut-off time is Every Tuesday 7am
Delivery will on Saturday - Please select your time from (9-1pm, 1-6pm or 6-8pm)
*Normally, we harvest on every Thursday so that it reaches your door on Saturday! 


1. Select the box size 
2. Select your delivery date & time
3. Check out! (DO NOT add anything else to your order :) 
And... sit back and wait  till Saturday! (*Keep your phone ON on SATURDAY to receive the fresh box!)
This Week's pick (For 18 JUL, 2020)

***Please let us know what you DON'T want in your box***

1 小白菜 Bok Choy
2 空心菜 Water spinach
3 黑葉白菜 Black leaf cabbage
4 馬齒莧 Purslane
5 皇宫菜 Ceylon/Malabar Spinach
6 紫高麗 Red cabbage
7 白鳯菜 White Phoenix Spinach
8 紫蘇 Perilla leaf
9 小松菜 Komatsuna
10 青蔥 Taiwan Spring Onion
11 地瓜葉 Sweet Potato Leaf
12 日本雪菜 Japanese Snow Leaf (Chijimi Yukina)
13 甜芥菜 Sweet Mustard Leaf
14 芥藍菜 Gai Lan
15 轉型期蘆筍 Asparagus
16 紫蘇 Perilla leaf
17 紫高麗 Red cabbage
18 高麗菜 Cabbage
19 龍葵 Black Nightshade Leaf
20 甜菠菜 New Zealand Spinach
21 福山菜 Fushan Lettuce
22 紅莧菜 Red Amaranth

ORGANIC STEMS, RHIZOMES, MUSHROOMS & OTHER VEGETABLES/有機根莖瓜果類  (sizing different for different items)
23 鳄梨 Taiwan Avocado
24 紅藜 Taiwan Native Red Quinoa
25 山藥 Japanese Mountain Yam
26 芋頭 Taiwan Taro
27 節瓜 Zucchini
28 牛蒡 Burdock
29 番茄 Tomato
30 彩色胡蘿蔔 Rainbow Carrot
31 秋葵(紅/綠) Okra
32 玉米筍 Baby corn
33 豹紋黃金馬鈴薯 Leopard Golden Potatoes
34 南瓜 Taiwan bottle pumpkin
35 生薑 Ginger
36 洋蔥 Onions
37 蒜頭 Garlic
38 白苦瓜 White bitter melon
39 芋頭冬瓜 Sliced TARO Winter Melon
40 絲瓜 Luffa gourd
41 扁蒲 Calabash/Bottle Gourd
42 日本棒茄 Eggplant
43 紅蘿蔔 Carrots (peeled)
44 辣椒 Green or red peppers
45 五香豆乾 Five spices dried beancurd
46 油揚豆腐 Fried Tofu Pockets
47 麵腸 Beancurd sausage
48 黑豆漿 Black Soymilk (low sugar)
49 黑豆豆腐 Black bean tofu
50 嫩豆腐 Tender tofu
51 猴頭菇 Lions Mane Mushroom
52 姬松茸 Almond mushroom (Matsutake)
53 松本茸 Matsumoto shimeji mushroom
54 蠔菇 Oyster mushroom
55 金滑菇 Golden Enoki Mushroom
56 杏鮑菇 King Oyster Mushroom

57 芒果 Taiwan Mango - our selection
58 香華 Sweet Netted Muskmelon
59 水蜜芭樂 Water Honey Guava
60 百香果 Taiwan passionfruit
61 黑葉荔枝 Black leaf lychee
62 金鑽鳳梨 Golden Diamond Pineapple

Premium Organic Fruits and Vegetable Box from Taiwan
Our organic premium fruits and vegetable "Farm to Home" delivery service right to your door. 
We source the freshest and seasonal produce from a network of farms across Taiwan, which allows us to bring you an abundance of superfoods such as Snow Mustard leafy greens and premium items such as Hokkaido White Fruit Corn.   Enjoy the best of the season, fresh from the farm!  There will be approximately 150 varieties of seasonal veggies available throughout the year. 
What will be in your box?
(LARGE: Perfect for a family of three to four people)
Contains up to 10 different varieties of veggies and 4 portions of fruit: 
  • 4-5 Leafy Greens
  • 5-6 Roots/Rhizomes/Stems/Mushrooms/Others
  • 4 portions of fruit 
  • A portion could refer to a pack of oranges, a pair of guava, a bunch of bananas, a piece of pineapple or papaya etc. Larger and more premium
  • iIems such as watermelons, strawberries or kyoho grapes constitute 2 portions per item.
Box net weight: ~6.5kg (+/- 15%)
(REGULAR: Perfect for a single person or couple)
Contains up to 8 varieties of veggies and 2 types of fruit: 
  • 2-3 Leafy Greens 
  • 3-4 Roots/Rhizomes/Stems/Mushrooms/Others 
  • 4 portions of fruit 
  • A portion could refer to a pack of oranges, a pair of guava, a bunch of bananas, a piece of pineapple or papaya etc. Larger and more premium items such as watermelons, strawberries or kyoho grapes constitute 2 portions per item. 
Box net weight: ~5kg (+/- 15%)  
This Fruit & Veggie Box will help you embrace a healthier living style.   Selecting from a seasonal range of vegetables that is ripening and will approach your door at its peak tastiness. We will provide you with some old favorites while introducing you to a few new surprises! 
When it comes to healthy eating, fruits and vegetables go hand in hand. Our premium fruits are either certified organic or grown sustainably using 100% organic methods by a carefully curated group of partner farms. Each piece is then hand-selected from the top 1% of the harvest to guarantee quality and taste. 
Please check our Instagram and Facebook page every weekend for an updated list of seasonal items that may be included in your box  
Please let us know what you DON'T want in your box!
Onions, Garlic, Eggplants, etc. Whatever you know you will NOT be using in your kitchen, please let us know.  We will mark that down and make sure that doesn't go into your box. 

We deliver in a carton box farm to door by Yamato delivery.  Please do remember to recycle the plastic packaging and dispose the PLA packaging as general waste. 

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