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Japan Iron Wok Hong Kong

Vita Craft Super Iron Wok 24cm スーパー鉄 ウォックパン 24cm

  • HK$86600


Vita Craft's original "nitrided four layer processing"  makes this a tough iron pan that's very difficult to rust.
There is no need for further maintenance such as quenching and oiling and you can use it with confidence even this is your first iron frying pan!

Multi-purpose wok pan that can stir, bake, simmer and steam
Inner diameter 24.0 cm / depth 6.5 cm

Size Inner diameter 24.0 cm / depth 6.5 cm
Thickness about 1.6 mm
Weight Approximately 863g
Material Body: iron (nitrided), handle: stainless steel
Corresponding Heat Source Gas, IH (electromagnetic cooker)
Country of origin Japan
Warranty Super iron is out of warranty coverage.


Before using the Super Iron Pan for the first time...
You will have to "season" your pan. It is a simple but necessary procedure to protect your iron pan from rusting. 

How to "Season" Your Pan

Step 1: Wash and Dry 
Wash your pan before the seasoning process. You can scrub your pan with warm, soapy water, then dry it thoroughly. The best way to dry it is to put the pan over a medium flame until it is completely dried. 

Step 2: Rub in the Oil and Buff It
Rub in the oil all over - inside and out with cooking oil. Ex: Unsaturated cooking fats such as vegetable oils are easier to spread than saturated fats like shortening or lard. 

Make sure the oil is rubbed all over the iron parts and buff it so thoroughly that the pan no longer looks greasy at all.

---- DONE! 

Super Iron's daily maintenance
After used for cooking, use only warm water to rinse.  
If you need to used detergent to wash the pan, please conduct the seasoning procedure once again. 




サイズ 内径24.0cm/深さ6.5cm
板厚 約1.6mm
重量 約863g
材質 本体:鉄(窒化加工)、ハンドル:ステンレススティール
対応熱源 熱源は選びません。
生産国 日本
保証 なし ※スーパー鉄は保証対象外です。

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