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Water Kefir Kit - DARK Brew

Water Kefir Kit - DARK Brew

  • HK$31200

BYOB Water Kefir today!

Brew Your Own Batch at home. Its very easy. We made it more easy for you to get stared with your brew. All the ingredients are included in this kit to make batches of dark brews. Brewing with molasses adds the darker color and fuller-bodied taste to your brew. Here at FoodCraft we like to add a dried fig, not only to support the fermentation but also to add a fruity flavor. 

This Kit includes:






Did you want to upgrade your kit?

We also have useful tools for brewing water keifr at home.

Glass Jar - Always good to ferment in glass

Glass Bottles - Air-tight glass bottles (980ml) is essential to create that FIZZ!

Water purifier & Filter Replacement - To improve the water quality for your brew. This particular filter adds mineral to your tap water through its patented filter made of coconut fiber with fine activated carbon, filtering out bacteria and harmful chemicals as well.


Although the name has 'grain' in it, there are no actual grains such as wheat, oat or rye in water kefir grains. It is a combination of yeast and bacteria and this is used to make fermented beverage known as 'kefir water'. Water kefir grains are suitable to make water based kefir drinks such as water kefir or coconut water kefir. They are NOT suitable for making milk kefir or coconut milk kefir which are made from milk kefir grains.

The origin of water kefir is unknown but it has been used to ferment sugar water around the world with different names such as 'gingerbeer plants', "Tibi grains'. 'California bees', 'African bees', 'Ale nuts', 'Balm of Gilead' and 'Japanese Beer Seeds'. 

*source link here 

Just like Kombucha, water kefir is a yummy, fizzy and healthy probiotic drink made from fermented sugar water. Just a different strain of yeast and bacteria. Compared to kombucha, water kefir is much more easier to make and also faster to ferment. You can brew water kefir in one of two days. 


The most known benefits are the probiotics that exist in water kefir. The quantity and strains can vary from batch to batch you make. Here are some types of yeast and bacteria that were found in a study.

Yeast: H. valbyensis, Lachancea fermentati, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and Zygotorulaspora florentina.

Bacteria:  Lb. hordei, Lb. nagelii, Lc. mesenteroides, Leuconostocs (Lc. citreum, & Lc. mesenteroides) , Ac. fabarum,  lactobacilli species (Lb. hordei, Lb. nagelii. Lb. hilgardii, Lb. casei ), Lc. citreum 

 *source link here

How to brew water kefir?

  1. Sterilize your tools with hot water.
  2. Strain the water kefir grains from the jar and discard the liquid. You can also give your grains a quick rinse.
  3. In a glass jar that can hold up to 1L, place a 1/4 cup (60ml) of raw sugar and melt it with a cup of hot water. Once its completely melted, add two cups of cold mineral water to cool down the sugar water solution. 
  4. Once the solution is cooled down to 30C (a bit lower then your body temperature), add the water kefir grains to the solution and cover the top with a kitchen towel or paper towel and stop it with a rubber band. 
  5. Place the jar in a place without direct sunlight and allow it to ferment in room temperature for 24 - 48 hours. It will ferment faster in summer and slower in winter.
  6. After the fermentation, the transparent solution will change into a murky color and will be slightly sour and fizzy. Strain the grains with a sieve (preferably a plastic one!) and the liquid you got will be your ferst brew of water kefir! You can consume it as it is or can further ferment it in an airtight bottle with more flavors. (second fermentation.) 
  7. You can start from #1 again for anther batch of your water kefir brew.
  8. For the second fermentation, you can add fruit juice, fresh fruits or even coconut water to make a flavored fizzy drink. Pour your water kefir into an airtight bottle and add the flavors you like. You can do 50:50 ~80:20 with the water kefir and other liquids.
  9. Close the airtight bottle and let that ferment in room temperature for 24-48 hours depending on the room temperature. Be careful when opening your bottle as it can explode.
  10. If the water kefir is ready, store in the refrigerator and serve cold. Enjoy!


  • Please use the water kefir grains for brewing water kefir only. Do not use it for milk based brews. 
  • Please store the grains in the refrigerator once you receive our jar. These are raw water kifer grains and not dehydrated.
  • If you are going to brew a large batch (more than 1 L) please purchase 2 jars of water kifer grains to support your large brew.
  • If you are not sure about how to use this product, please contact us on before you place your order :) 

Are you scared to brew?

If you are new to brewing, perhaps water kefir will be the great place to start. Its the easiest and fastest among kombucha, beer or wine! Welcome to the world of fermentation! 

 We also have a Kombucha Starter Kit too!

Is this a gift?

Let us wrap this up and deliver it for you!

Choose the 'gift set' and we will add the basket, wrapping, plus a personal message to attache to your gift.

Are you scared to brew?

Join our Kombucha Class! You will get a Starter Kit at the class too.

    *If you find any molds, or not sure about the quality of your brew Plase DO NOT CONSUME.
    Drinking contaminated kombucha is toxic and harmful

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