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Rude Health – 有機椰奶 (1L)

無麩質、無乳製品、不加糖、低鹽、低脂、猶太潔食、非基因改造椰奶 - 牛奶的替代品。 我們從椰子中取出所有白色的好東西並均勻攪拌。 然後與大米、純淨的山泉水和少許海鹽混合。 椰子的優質油脂賦予奶油般的質地,同時為您提供各種營養食用建議:加進穀物加進咖啡加進茶加進奶昔烘焙 我們如何使用將椰奶倒在你最喜歡的碗中,令早餐更加陽光明媚。 將您的咖啡製成豪華的拿鐵咖啡。 與菠蘿汁混合,製成無酒精的菠蘿果汁飲料。 嘗試代替牛奶來製作熱香餅, 你甚至可以製作米布丁來添加全新的風味。成分天然泉水、有機大米、有機椰子油(2%)、海鹽。不含乳製品及麩質無乳製品不加糖低鹽低脂猶太潔食非基因改造


椰奶 - 牛奶的替代品。 我們從椰子中取出所有白色的好東西並均勻攪拌。 然後與大米、純淨的山泉水和少許海鹽混合。 椰子的優質油脂賦予奶油般的質地,同時為您提供各種營養


  • 加進穀物
  • 加進咖啡
  • 加進茶
  • 加進奶昔
  • 烘焙


將椰奶倒在你最喜歡的碗中,令早餐更加陽光明媚。 將您的咖啡製成豪華的拿鐵咖啡。 與菠蘿汁混合,製成無酒精的菠蘿果汁飲料。 嘗試代替牛奶來製作熱香餅, 你甚至可以製作米布丁來添加全新的風味。




  • 無乳製品
  • 不加糖
  • 低鹽
  • 低脂
  • 猶太潔食
  • 非基因改造


Shipments over $700HKD is free of charge. Any orders that do not meet the minimum will be 100HKD for home delivery. 'Pick-up' option is not displayed online. You can contact our Customer Service for possible arrangements. Please send us a WhatsApp with your order number on +852 5539 0014 to let us know if you would like to collect your order from our store.

*Please make sure you order your items in advance (especially fresh kitchen products such as breads, yogurts, kefir, etc.) for our Team to ensure production. Fresh kitchen items are not available in-store, we bake-to-order and produce them fresh in the morning on delivery to ensure quality!


**Any orders that do not meet the minimum threshold will be charged 100HKD for door to door delivery**

As you are checking out, please select your date of delivery. If you do not select a delivery date (and automatically checkout through the systems) we will assume you want your products delivered as soon as possible and the earliest delivery route will be assigned to your order. As our products are baked fresh in the mornings, deliveries all take place in the afternoon.

Delivery on demand:
This convenient service is now available for you to employ! With just an additional $80, you are in control of the delivery schedule by selecting any 2-hour timeframe between 10am-8pm (10-12am, 4-6pm, etc.)
** All orders eligible to a shipping refund AT OUR NEW LOCATION! FoodCraft's Store: Room A, 16/F, Yiu Ga Factory Building, 62 Victoria Road, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong Island
Rude Health – 有機椰奶 (1L)
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