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This is the final episode of swinging back into action in September. The series where we hope to connect with all of you with some healthy habits and health ideas with Functional Health Nurse Practitioner, Haruko!


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Mechanism of cold showers:

The adaptation of temperature changes pushes autophagy, which is our natural body mechanism to spring clean damaged/non-efficient cells and we’re able to adapt to external stress better. Resiliency.

• Helps you wake up, increase awareness/concentration

• Relieves depression, improve mood

• Hydrate skin, hair, tightens skin, lymphatic circulation

• Decrease muscle inflammation

• Improves fertility

• Increase circulation, accelerates metabolism by switching to sympathetic NS, wt loss

• Skin will be tight, clear & glowing

• Increase endorphins

• Increases glutathione levels – you body’s master antioxidant • Promote mito fusion (creation of energy)  Boost energy

• Promote Brown fat activation – You can change your white fat to brown. Brown fat is metabolically active fat, stimulate wt loss, burn calories

Filled with mitochondria, generates heat instead of ATP.

Sleep well because decreased melatonin means poor production of brown fat o PGC-1a (key regulator of energy metabolism) highly expressed – induced by cold, mediates mitochondrial biogenesis o (Same effect via polyphenols & alpha lipoic acid by activating the AMPK – this is just for us Food Craft info. Not for the public display ;p)

In Netherlands, people who did cold showers in the morning had 29% less calling in sickfrom work. Another study showed better cancer survival, decrease the symptom of depression, Adapt to cold showers to reduce anxiety

Some say it activates our pineal glad, the 3rd eye

• 1 min

• Start gradually and decrease the temperature little by little.

• Don’t do it, if you have CVD, chest pain. This is for heart healthy people because we’re stressing the heart to suddenly pump harder, which could lead to blood clots and stroke. So ask your doctor/practitioner if this is right for you.

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