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1.  How do you shop for products?

There are several ways to browse around our shop!

  • You can search for items on our search bar at the top.  If you are not quite sure about the name, don't worry!  There will be a drop down of suggestions and also our system can detect spelling errors and direct you to the relevant products.
  • If you are looking for specific Foodcraft Made goods, we also have a submenu of our most popular items under our banner categorized by common food concerns
  • You can also just browse our main menu at the top of our page if you want to see our entire collection!
  • If you want to purchase any of the foods you see, you can simply add to cart and it will be added to your shopping cart!




2.  Can I request my order to be delivered as a specific time frame?

Right now we have a new special service for those who want flexible delivery and a more specific time frame (2 hour window).  Unfortunately, it's only applicable to those living Hong Kong and Kowloon residents, but we are working to expand this feature to other areas soon.  If you are interested, please click here and add this feature to your cart!


3.  How come I cannot select SF self pick up with my order?

SF self pick up option is only available for products that are non-chilled and freshly baked items.  So if you order products such as yogurts, misos, sauerkrauts, kefirs, breads, puddings, and basically anything that needs to be refrigerated or baked, then we cannot offer the S.F pickup option.  Please choose Home Delivery if you want any of the items mentioned above!


4.  Home delivery vs. SF pick up?

  • **For home delivery orders over $600HKD delivery is free of charge.
  • **For S.F Pickup delivery orders over $400HKD is free of charge.
  • **Any orders that do not meet minimums will be 80HKD for home delivery and 45HKD for S.F Pickup**
  • Additionally, we are proud to announce that our delivery service has now    extended to Cheung Chau Monday to Friday! 


5.  Can I come to your place and shop in person? 

We currently do not have a physical shop and only offer online shopping option





6.  How should I store my vegan coconut yogurt/pudding?

This is a living product. The sourness and bubbles are the result of natural        fermentation of the ingredients.


Please store below 2°C at all times and consume as soon as possible after opening.


7.  I need to be away for a period of time, what should I do with my sourdough starter?

You can keep your sourdough starter in the refrigerator for up to 10 days without feeding.  Once you are ready to bake again, please follow the “feeding” steps above (in room temperature) before you start using your starter for baking again.

If you are going to wait longer than 10 days because of travelling etc., you can keep the starter in the freezer.  Once you are ready to bake again, please defrost the starter in room temperature and begin the feeding process again.  It might take 2 -3 times repeating this process until the starter becomes fully active again.




8.  Can I have a list of ingredients of your products?

Ingredients of all of our products are listed on our site under individual products.