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Ultimate Vegan ‘Fish’ & Chips by El Gourmet Curativo
*Class Cancellation Policy applies, please refer to the bottom of page.Love fish & chips too much to be able to switch to a plant based lifestyle?Why not come along to our class and learn how you can enjoy the best...
The Carob Kitchen Carob Coated Almonds - 100g
From bean to bar, our Coated range is made from Australian grown organic carob and real cocoa butter.The naturally sweet, smooth and creamy taste of our Carob coated Almonds is from the sweetness in our Australian grown beans and the...
White Magic Eco Basics Dish Brush Refills - 2 per pack
Replacing the head of your dish brush often ensure you get the optimal dish clean every time! Say hello to the White Magic Eco Basics Dish Brush Replacement Head 2 Pack.Constructed from 80% recycled nylon and 50% recycled plastic, this...
White Magic Eco Basics Coconut Dish Brush Refills - 2 per pack
Replacing the heads of your dish brushes often is essential for optimal performance. Pair this White Magic Eco Basics Coconut Dish Brush Replacement Head 2 Pack with the White Magic Eco Basics Coconut Dish Brush with Replaceable Head for squeaky...
White Magic Eco Basics Bottle Brush Refills - 2 per pack
Has your bottle brush seen better days? Do away with the need to buy a whole new dish brush with the White Magic Eco Basics Bottle Brush Replacement Head 2 Pack.Designed for use with the White Magic Eco Basics Bottle...
MORE PEACE Organic CBD Softgels - 25mg
Promotes balance to keep you at your best. High-absorption for maximized benefits.Vegan and 100% THC freeThis CBD softgel is designed with nanoemulsion technology which helps your body easily absorb the premium hemp extract. This CBD is made with broad spectrum oil...
HK$600.00 HK$540.00
MORE PEACE Organic CBD Lavender Bath Bombs - 25mg
Soak away the day.Spice up your staycation.Transforms any bathtub into a luxury spa experience.Drop one into a piping hot bath and enjoy! Scented with natural lavender oil, organic coconut oil, and cocoa seed butter to soothe the skin. This CBD...
HK$600.00 HK$540.00
MORE PEACE Organic CBD Gummies (Strawberry Lemonade) -10mg
A great starter for those new to CBD.Mild flavour and easily chewable.Vegan and gluten free.These convenient gummies can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Soft and sweet, they provide little moments of joy throughout your day. Whenever you...
HK$900.00 HK$810.00
MORE PEACE Organic CBD Tincture (natural flavor) - 2250mg
Feel the day's stress melt away.Find peace, relaxation, and a great night's sleep.100% vegan.This formula is crafted using organic broad spectrum hemp extract suspended in an organic olive oil base. The tincture can be added to your favourite drinks or...
HK$2,200.00 HK$1,980.00
Ayumi Bio Active Detoxify Hair Oil - 150ml
Our zesty and zingy hair oil with Lemon and Bergamot oil revitalises dull, lank hair and helps prevent dry, flaky scalp conditions. Sesame and Sweet Almond oils rich in Omega-6 and Omega-9 lock in precious hydration and have a deserved...


Think of the living microorganisms in our guts as the good guys and the bad guys. What we eat determines the active ability of ‘good bacteria’ (probiotics) to rule over the 'bad bacteria'. Fermented, low-sugar, and gluten-free ingredients are effectively the most efficient way to improve your gut health. Overtime, your guts will then be built into good shape and eventually boosts your immune system, body functions, and mental health.


Natural fermentation only! FoodCraft fermented foods are gentle, appetizing, and best friends with the guts. They contain probiotics you can directly ingest for pampered guts. Enjoy it however you like!

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Did You Know? Eating high amount of processed sugars will decrease the amount of 'good bacteria' in your gut and cause you to crave for even more for sugary foods to damage the guts even further!

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Say 'bye-bye' to bloating and allergic reactions but not your favorite meals! Pastas, noodles, sauces, seasonings, and more that are still your breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Just without gluten.

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