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Quarantine Care Pack

Might be locked up in a hotel room, but doesn't mean the lifestyle has to be locked up too! Get a care pack for yourself or for your loved ones in quarantine! Stay healthy, keep your spirit high.

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Dream Mooncakes

Guilt-free Low-sugar treat for your sweet moon festival!! Only 2grams of Sugar per Mooncake! Vegan & 100% plant based. Made with Gluten-Free Ingredients. NO Cholesterol, NO Trans Fat.

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Gluten-free Soft Sourdough Bagel

It is pretty hard to believe this is gluten-free and there's such option in the market! It's soft, chewy and has the perfect crunch after toasting. The definition of a real deal!

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CBD Wellness

In the moment where we need wellness the most, CBD has been the new buzzy wellness product available to help relieve pain, remediate anxiety & depression and lower inflammation!


Guilt-free coconut spread

Low in sugar, high in good fats, and absolutely tasty! Our coconut spread is like dream coming true in a jar, combining our luscious stone-ground coconut butter with low sugar ingredients.

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Low-Carb Muffins

Only 3g of sugar per muffin!? Fresh, baked to order! Yes, it sounds too good to be true. It tastes just like a regular muffin but it is, low in sugar, high in healthy fats, gluten free, dairy free & grain free.

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New Products

Ataracia 20mg CBD Water soluble - 10 packs
CBD water-soluble powder that is tasteless and colourless which dissolves easily in water. Easy-to-use individual packaging Since it is packed in a 1g individual pack you can easily use it when you go out or eating out. Just open the pouch and...
Ataracia 7.5mg CBD Honey Ginger with Lemon Drop Candy - 10pcs
Recommended for those who want to take CBD more easily and casually!Introducing a gummy candy packed with 7.5 mg of CBD tightlyA drop candy that is refreshing with plenty of CBD in one bagA refreshing candy with lemon honey flavour. 75 mg (10 candies...
Ataracia 5mg CBD Muscat Gummmi Candy - 12pcs
Recommended for those who want to take CBD more easily and casually!Introducing a gummy candy packed with 5 mg of CBD tightlyA juicy gummy that is refreshing and pack with plenty of CBD in one bagContents  Water, candy (made in Japan), sugar,...
Ataracia 1000mg CBD Sports Cream - 100g
CBD is attracting a lot of attention in the sports world as it is used by athletes who are active in the game.A sports cream containing 1000mg of such CBD is now on sale from ataracia!Dedicated to everyone who loves sports.With...
The big “M” class by Beth Wright - Lifestyle changes to support your menopause journey
*Class Cancellation Policy applies, please refer to the bottom of page Menopause - the topic no one is talking about but everyone should! Candid discussion about how to manage menopause. Join Beth to learn what a big girl can do...
Vegan Christmas British Desserts by El Gourmet Curativo
  *Class Cancellation Policy applies, please refer to the bottom of pageLooking for the perfect vegan desserts to wow your family and friends this Christmas, but stuck for ideas?🎄Why not come along to our workshop and learn how to rustle...
Ataracia CBD 30mg CBD Soothing Sheet - 3 Sheets (10cm x 14cm)
CBD, which is expected to relieve tension and provide a high relaxing effect, compress that can be applied directly to the skin.A cooling sheet that contains 30 mg of CBD and menthol in one sheet is cool, refreshing, and relieves...
Ataracia CBD Glossy Skin Facial Mask - 30mg
Contains 7 kinds of natural plant blend extracts and precious yuzu ceramide (moisturizing ingredient) obtained from Japanese yuzu fruit to make your skin moisturized and glow! How to useCleanse and wash your face.Spread the mask, align your eyes and mouth,...
Ataracia 75mg CBD Family Cream - 50g
The high antioxidant power of the polyphenol component derived from hemp prevents and improves inflammation and cares for your skin stress.In addition, plenty of skincare ingredients such as moisturizing ingredients (glyceryl coside) from sake.Moisturizing and fluffy skin with industry-leading CBD...
Ataracia 10% CBD Oil - 30ml
The "ataracia CBD" series is perfect for release from stress and maintain physical and mental health. CBD oil that combines topical MCT oil and CBD powder. Ataracia's CBD oil, which was created with a focus on "easiness to drink" inorder to overturn...


Think of the living microorganisms in our guts as the good guys and the bad guys. What we eat determines the active ability of ‘good bacteria’ (probiotics) to rule over the 'bad bacteria'. Fermented, low-sugar, and gluten-free ingredients are effectively the most efficient way to improve your gut health. Overtime, your guts will then be built into good shape and eventually boosts your immune system, body functions, and mental health.


Natural fermentation only! FoodCraft fermented foods are gentle, appetizing, and best friends with the guts. They contain probiotics you can directly ingest for pampered guts. Enjoy it however you like!

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Did You Know? Eating high amount of processed sugars will decrease the amount of 'good bacteria' in your gut and cause you to crave for even more for sugary foods to damage the guts even further!

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Say 'bye-bye' to bloating and allergic reactions but not your favorite meals! Pastas, noodles, sauces, seasonings, and more that are still your breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Just without gluten.

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