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Glass Fermentation Crock with Water Seal Pickling Jar - 5L

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How to Use a Glass Fermentation Crock with Water Seal Pickling Jar?
This product can be used in a few different ways.
It serves as both a fermentation vessel and a storage jar.
We appreciate this product because it is made of glass (as opposed to plastic, which is not ideal for long-term storage).
Additionally, its transparent design allows you to visually monitor the progress of your fermentation and check the condition of your food.

Glass Jar with Lid: This glass pickle jar is crafted from durable, thick glass, ensuring long-lasting use. It is perfect for making and storing homemade kimchi, pickles, kombucha, and sauerkraut over the years. The jar is accompanied by a convenient glass bowl lid, which serves the dual purpose of covering the jar and providing a serving bowl for pickles when required.

Water Seal Pickle Jar:
The durable fermentation crock with a water seal creates the perfect environment for making sauerkraut, ensuring that no unwanted smells, dust, or chemicals infiltrate the pickles. This traditional pickling crock is specifically designed to meet the needs of pickle enthusiasts like you.
It's a must-have for anyone passionate about pickling! 

Glass Fermentation Crock with Water Seal Pickling Jar - 5L

5L Thickened Fermentation Crock Jar: This fermentation jar has a generous capacity of 5 liters, making it perfect for families of 2-6 people. With its thickened construction, it is an excellent choice for making homemade pickles, kimchi, and preserving various vegetables such as onions, garlic, cucumbers, carrots, and cabbage.
Additionally, it can be used for brewing and preserving flavored liquor or wine. It offers a versatile solution for all your fermentation and preservation needs.

Easy to Use and Maintain: Using and maintaining this glass fermentation jar is a breeze. Simply pour some water around the bowl lid to create an airtight seal, preventing any external dust or air from entering the jar and ensuring optimal fermentation results. Remember to add water to the bowl lid of the pickle jar on a weekly basis. When it comes to cleaning, wash the glass jar with your usual kitchen detergent, ensuring thorough cleaning, and then dry it completely before storing it in a dry place for future use.

Capacity: 5L


How to make pickles at home:
  • Cabbage or cucumbers
  • Salt
  • Optional: Other vegetables like garlic, onion, radish, or carrots
  • Optional: Additional spices of your choice


  1. Start with cabbage or cucumbers.
  2. Wash your vegetables!
  3. Slice and chop your vegetables.
  4. Finely sliced vegetables will ferment more quickly.
  5. Season with salt to taste.
  6. Experiment with other spices and vegetables.
  7. Try adding garlic, onion, radish, or carrots. Be creative!
  8. Pack the vegetables tightly, place the weight, and put on the lid. Pour the water to secure the water seal with the lid.
  9. Place the jar in the fridge or on the counter and check in a few days.
  10. Enjoy your freshly fermented vegetables as a snack or a side!

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