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Glass Jar Recycling

As our first step, we would like to announce that we are looking into going GREEN by recycling our glass jars! 
To start with, we will collect the used jars at our kitchen in Kennedy Town only. We are still in talks with our partners but this takes time so please be patient :) If you do know any of our retailers that might be interested in joining us, please do talk to them too. Your voice can make a change!

We do have a few rules for returning our used glass jars.
Please return the jars that are...
  • Washed and cleaned (labels do NOT have to be removed)
  • No cracks or damages 
  • Used for packing FoodCraft product only. (We cannot reuse the jars that are used for our other brand's products sold on the website such as olives, honey, kombucha, etc,...)
We will refund you with HK$2 in cash for each jar that has been returned. No matter large or small.
Please let us know if any questions.

Please stay tuned. We have more changes coming up!
Yours in health,
FoodCraft Team