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Probiotic Cultured Soy "Milk" Kefir Yogurt - 200g

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*MUST be refrigerated at all times

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Grain-Free, Vegan, Low GI, White Sugar-Free
This is a fresh and living product. We do not use any emulsifiers and the product will separate naturally. Please store at 4°C at all times and consume within 10 days from production. 
We wanted to create a dairy-free kefir for those who are lactose intolerant because we understand that most of the kefirs in the market are fermented using regular milk.
It is also often laden with sweeteners and other ingredients that it really doesn't need for those wanting to their food as natural as possible. 
It will still embody the same taste as its tangy dairy milk counterpart but with an undertone of an soy milk flavor. This will taste 'lighter' then dairy milk kefir.
If you are interested in making your own kefir, we also sell dairy-free milk kefir grains to help you kick start your fermentation journey!

Why It's Good For You?
  • High in nutrients and probiotics which is incredibly beneficial for digestion and gut health
  • Kefir grains contain about 30 strains of bacteria and yeasts, making it a very rich and diverse probiotic source
  • The live active cultures are bacteria that turns the mylk into lactic acid, so the kefir tastes sour like yogurt.
  • It acts as a great protein source for those on a vegan diet and contains calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B12, vitamin E riboflavin, and magnesium
  • Soy contain substances that are prebiotics which are especially good at feeding the millions of microbes living in your digestive tract.  Meaning, the prebiotics help the good gut flora to multiply and increase as well improving the quality of these internal colonies

In animal studies, kefir has been shown to suppress inflammatory responses related to allergy and asthma 

How to Enjoy?
  • This kefir has the thick consistency like yogurt. You can enjoy this with organic berries for more micro nutrients.
  • You can use this as part of your breakfast first thing in the morning to fill your gut with healthy bacteria 
  • Can be added to your smoothies, cereals, or mixed into your salad dressings
  • It is also a nutritious and delicious eat to enjoy on its own like yogurt!

***Foodcraft is on a greener mission and have now added a "No Cooler Bag Option" for those who want to join us in the efforts to help save our planet!  Please click here if you do not want your products to be delivered in cooler bags.***

Ingredients: water, organic soybeans, live active cultures (Dairy-free milk kefir grains)*
*FoodCraft is on a greener mission and the "No Cooler Bag Option" is now available for those who want to join us in the efforts to help save our planet! Please search for the option in the search bar and add to your cart for us to deliver without cooler bags

*This product was produced in a vegan kitchen where wheat, nut and soy are also handled. If you have any concerns for this product, please contact us at before purchasing or consuming this product.

per 100g
Energy 64kcal / Protein 6.0g / Lipid 3.6g / Carbohydrate 3.2g / Sugar 0.8g / Cholesterol 0mg / Total Fat 3.6g / Saturated Fat 0g /  Sodium 3.1mg / Dietary fiber 2.4g / Potassium 265mg / Calcium 25mg / Magnesium 32mg 

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