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Organic Chickpea Miso - 450g

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What is Chickpea Miso?

Miso is a traditional Japanese condiment produced by fermenting soybeans with salt and the fungus Aspergillus oryzae. Here we use organic chickpeas instead of soybeans.

Why it’s Good for You:

Chickpeas have a higher content of potassium and dietary fibre compared to soybeans. The miso is fermented in a traditional way and package unpasteurized which makes it rich in natural digestive enzymes. It is highly recommended for people who need to nourish their gut.

How We Make It:

The Chickpeas are soaked and rinsed well before cooking. Once it's boiled to a point that is soft enough, we mash and blend the chickpeas with the Organic Sprouted Raw Brown Rice Koji that is freshly made for each batch of Chickpea Miso and blend well with the natural salt that is high in Magnesium and other minerals.

The miso paste is fermented in our kitchen for more than one month and packed in a biodegradable container once we receive the order.

Suggested Use:

Chickpea miso works great for miso soup. You can also add miso in your western soups and stews to enhance its flavours. It also works well in salad dressings and dips. Chickpea miso is perfect for marinating meat and fish.
Try this in a pumpkin miso pasta sauce like we do in this class! 
Dairy-free & Egg-free Linguini & Ravioli Cooking Class

Organic Chickpeas, Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Koji, Himalayan Crystal Salt.

*This product was produced in a kitchen where wheat is also handled.  If you have any concerns about food allergies, please contact us at before purchasing or consuming this product.*

***Foodcraft is on a greener mission and have now added a "No Cooler Bag Option" for those who want to join us in the efforts to help save our planet!  Please click here if you do not want your products to be delivered in cooler bags.***

Nutritional value:

*This product was produced in a vegan kitchen.  However, if you have or are concerned about food allergies, please contact us at before consuming this product.  






Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
N Wong
Foodcraft Organic Chickpea Miso makes my guts happy

I like it and it works very well on my guts, the natural fermentation of this miso stimulates my bowel movement quickly coz it provides prebiotics which is very gut's good bacteria. Just make sure you blend it with room temperature water instead of hot water, high temperature will kill the living bacteria.

Barbara Fabbri

Organic Chickpea Miso - 450g

Thank you so much, Barbara, for your wonderful 5-star review of our Organic Chickpea Miso! We're thrilled to hear that you're loving this delicious and nutritious miso.

Crafted with high-quality organic chickpeas, our miso is packed with umami flavor and beneficial probiotics to support gut health. We're glad the product has met your expectations and that you're enjoying using it in your cooking.

Feedback like yours is invaluable, and it motivates us to continue providing our customers with the best possible products and service. Thank you again for taking the time to share your positive experience. We hope you continue to enjoy our Organic Chickpea Miso!

5 Stars

5 Stars- Very Good

Thank you for your 5-star review!

5 Stars

5 Stars- Very Good

Package well, Polite and smart delivery-guy, All is well and delicious.

Package well,
Polite and smart delivery-guy,
All is well and delicious.