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The Origin of Your 'Pain'

The Origin of Your 'Pain'

Here is a question going your way: "If you can correct the ONE thing in your life, what will that be?".

Would it be your relationship? To improve your relationship with your partner, children, parents or your friends? Perhaps it is the friend that you lost contact or connection with that you want to rekindle with? Or the boss that you want to connect on a professional level with?

Or could it be in the department of health? A chorionic pain or condition that bothers your every move? Trouble to sleep? Want to shed that extra weight that you just cannot seem to tackle? 

Is it your career or financial stability? Sometimes you feel you are struggling to climb up that ladder of yours when others around you seem to have figured things out? Not sure why things don't go as planned and you feel you are working so hard but not harvesting as anticipated. 

If you relate to any of the above, fixing your 'alignment' might be the cure to the knots in your chest. 

I met Millicent through an old customer who loves our sprouted nuts. We started talking about foods and the generous amount of energy they provide, the conversation eventually moved on to health being the holy trinity of one's balanced mind, body and soul. Yes, we we hear this a lot but it does not take away an ounce of truth. Even if we 'choose' to eat clean food and the brain is not in a prepared state to accept it, the good substances from the meals will literally 'go down the drain'. 

When Millicent and I were only acquaintances, I kept throwing her questions for how to treat physical pain with a technique namely 'Imagery'. I have an ongoing lower back pain that comes and goes so I wanted to see if this technique can do miracles and remove the pain. 

As diet is not a onetime solution - meaning, even if you eat one healthy meal it will not fix all your problems and its it a lifestyle, I had to practice Millicent's technique at work a few times but it was a very interesting experience indeed as I did feel a levitation-kind-of-sensation while the spine area warmed up. 

Millicent explains how 'shifting' things around and 'correcting' things will make changes in your life and in places where you might have least expected and that - can cause a ripple effect in your life (the positive kind). I thought of it a bit like acupuncture. You might be hitting a meridian in your ear that will shift the energy to your stomach. 

We carry so many baggages and we refuse to face it. Pretending it has disappeared so that we can continue our lives in misery and white lies to ourselves and post 'Instagram-worthy' moments. And needless to guess, the more we do that, the more we accumulate the 'homework' which will eventually need attention for just so our bodies and souls will not scream for help. 

If you agree with my words, join Millicent's 2 leading workshops at Foodcraft.

IMAGERY Introduction with Millicent is the introductory class ( a generous 2 or 3 hours!) to explain how Imagery works. We will also be reading dreams so please write down the prices of memories of the dream you wish to unravel! (Millicent says dreams tells a lot of than you consider to know)

The second workshop is IMAGERY Language of the Body Workshop with Millicent  which will be a ful-day workshop (with a 1.5h lunch break) where we go deep into connection with our minds, emotions and bodies. 

If you had read until here, this article must have something that you are resonating to. Make time for YOURSELF. Remember, you cannot love others if you don't learn to love yourself.

P.S. Millicent mentioned that lower back pain has something to do with financial support - how does that relate to you? 

about Millicent

ABOUT Millicent

Millicent Lai is a professional graphic and lifestyle product designer with over 26 years of experience. Her artistic journey turned inward in 2011 in pursuit of spirituality and inner work. She is a Certified Consultant in Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Spiritual Restructuring (SpR), and a Usui Reiki Master.

Millicent has trained with the world-renowned Kabbalist and Master of Imagery, Dr. Catherine Shainberg since 2016. Millicent is the first and only Certified Practitioner and Teacher of SAPHIRE©️ Imagery and Dream Opening©️ from the School of Images (New York) in Hong Kong. She also teaches the first Cantonese class of Imagery for the school starting in 2022. Millicent specializes in repairing traumatic memories, releasing phobias, and helping her clients and students to unlock their innate creativity through active dreaming. Millicent consults and gives workshops in both English and Cantonese. For details, please visit:

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