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Snickerdoodle Keto Cookie (made in 20 min!)

Snickerdoodle Keto Cookie (made in 20 min!)

Snickerdoodle Keto Cookie
Cooler days are finally here (Yay!! Got your boots ready??) - and you might have noticed an increase in your appetite.
This is normal as our body gets ready for winter, in the spirit of ‘stocking up’.
If you’re like me and are are trying keep that extra weight off, you want to think twice before succumbing to that 3pm sugary treat.

At Foodcraft we have soooo many low sugar options, because we know keeping your blood sugar in check is SO important when it comes to our health. And when I say "health" I mean both physical and mental health here. (Yes, sugar does affect our brain too. “Brain fog" anyone?)

If you are new to low sugar treats, please do try our delicious keto muffins or keto cakes. They’re just like the goodies you are used to (in a variety of delicious flavours)  and will help with those crazy sugar pastry cravings!   (Ladies, you know that day I'm talking about right?)
Now, if you don't have a stock of low sugar snack for those craving emergency, don’t worry! I’m sharing one of my favourite low sugar cookie recipes right here!

Why is this one of my favorites? Coz its so darn easy! We all know that when we have that sugar craving - we don’t have the patience for a complicated ingredient list or long bake time! We want the treat now!

I promise, this 9 ingredient , 12 min bake, 20min start to finish cookie recipes will save your blood sugar and your body will thank you for it!

What you'll need in your pantry for a low sugar diet:
If you haven't yet, I want you to get 'low carb ready' by getting some essentials in your pantry.
Here are the 3 basic ingredients that I always make sure I have in stock.
1. Almond flour (make sure you have the “Fine” milled flour. Coarse is not good for baking) 

2. Natural Low Carb Sweeteners (I like to use, monkfruit, stevia and a combination of sugar alcohols. DO NOT use artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, Sucralose, Acesulfame K., Saccharin. They do more harm than good and you might as well have real sugar if you are going to eat this.) 

3. Good Quality Eggs (Omega3, brain food yay!)
Snickerdoodle Keto Cookie
If you have these 3 items you can bake a basic cookie. But if you have some more items like in the recipe you can spice up your low sugar treats!

So let's get baking!! See you at the oven in 20 min :)

Snickerdoodle Keto Cookie (made in 20 min!)
(Bakes 19pc of 10cm cookies) 
✅Low sugar
✅Dairy Free
🕙Prep time 8 min
🕙Baking time 12min
🔥Baking temperature 180°C
100g, unscented coconut oil
180g, monkfruit sweetener 
1 pc, egg
180g, almond flour (fine)
8 drops, vanilla extract 
1 tsp., baking soda
1/4 tsp., natural salt
1/2 tsp., ground cinnamon
4 drops., ginger extract

50g, monkfruit sweetener 
1/2 tsp., ground cardamom
1/2 tsp., ground cinnamon 
1/8 tsp, ground cloves 


  1. Heat your oven to 180°C. Prepare a baking tray lined with a baking sheet.
  2. In a mixing bowl, mix well the monkfruit sweetener, egg, coconut oil, vanilla extract and ginger extract together.
    Snickerdoodle Keto CookieSnickerdoodle Keto Cookie
  3. In another bowl, mix the dry ingredients (almond flour, baking soda, salt amd ground cinnamon. and seive it into the wet ingredients mixed in "1".
    Snickerdoodle Keto CookieSnickerdoodle Keto Cookie
  4. When its mixed well, use an ice-cream scoop and divide into equal portions. Ideally about 2 Tablespoon size. Shape them into round balls with your hands.
    Snickerdoodle Keto CookieSnickerdoodle Keto Cookie
  5. Prepare topping by mixing all the ingredients together.
    Snickerdoodle Keto CookieSnickerdoodle Keto Cookie
  6. Place the cookie dough ball into the topping and press down to get the granules on top.
    Snickerdoodle Keto CookieSnickerdoodle Keto CookieSnickerdoodle Keto Cookie
  7. Place the cookie dough onto a baking sheet about 2 inch apart. Bake for 12 minutes at 180°C. When it has a golden color its ready.
    When the cookie is fresh out of the oven it will be VERY soft. Allow it to cool down before removing from the baking sheet.

    Snickerdoodle Keto CookieSnickerdoodle Keto Cookie

You can keep these cookies in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 7 days! (If it lasts that long haha!)
Nutritional Information per Cookie
Snickerdoodle Keto CookieSnickerdoodle Keto Cookie

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