Ishigaki Sea Salt - 180g

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Salt is one of the most important minerals to human life. It is also a very common ingredient. The 18 craftsmen behind this Ishigaki Sea Salt take pride in making the traditional Ishigaki Sea Salt as salt-making in the Yaeyama region began in the Kyōhō era (AD 1717).

They pump sea water from the Nago Bay at Ishigaki to ensure that this salt is 100% natural and native to the Yaeyama Region. The salt is takes 3 days to crystallise and is produced by using the 釜炊き (kettle boiling) method. This method ensures impurities like algae are filtered away during the repeating boiling process.

This product has received the Award of Excellence from the Okinawa Prefecture, the Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award and Golden Pin Design Award.