Lacto Fermented Lemons (Salted Lemons)

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Lacto-Fermented Lemon (Salted Lemon)
We have just received beautiful lemons from South Africa!

These lemons are sweeter than the lemons we are used to - they actually taste like a sweet, juicy 'fruit'

Lemons are great to hold on to - and when ordered in bulk, we need to figure out what to do with them. Today, we use a new technique to preserve lemons, so that we can enjoy them for a long time.

This recipe is simple and commonly found in Moroccan dishes... Salted Lemons! 
This is a lacto-fermentation process with just salt and lemon, making it delicious and gut-friendly. There are many variations of the recipe. Some include spices like cinnamon, or all spices. I like to keep it simple with just lemon, salt and bay leaves. Regardless of the recipe, it's important to get organic lemons as salted lemons also preserve the skin - so you don't want to be eating a bunch of chemicals or pesticides.

Lacto Fermented Lemons (Salted Lemons)
Lacto Fermented Lemons (Salted Lemons)
(This recipe will fill a 480ml mason jar) 

2 Large Organic Lemons
2 tsp., Natural Salt
1pc., Organic Bay Leaf 

Tools that might be useful to make the patty shape 
A mason Jar - we used the 480ml jar that we reuse from our sauerkraut


  1. To prepare the lemons, wash well and remove the tip of the lemon. Cut the lemon into 1/4 lengthwise and remove the seeds as much as you can and set aside.

    Lacto Fermented Lemons (Salted Lemons)Lacto Fermented Lemons (Salted Lemons)Lacto Fermented Lemons (Salted Lemons)

  2. Clean the mason jar and place the bay leaf at the bottom of the jar. Squeeze in the lemon wedges and sprinkle the salt as you create the layers. The Juice will come out of the lemon as you press it down and make sure the lemons are soaking in the brine. 
    It is important that the lemons are packed in tight. 
    Lacto Fermented Lemons (Salted Lemons)Lacto Fermented Lemons (Salted Lemons)

  3. Tightly close the lid and flip the jar upside down so that the brine can soak the lemons on the top too. Leave it upside down for a few hours and flip it back. Repeat this a few times in room temperature for 3 days. If the brine is not covering the lemons, add some lemon juice to the jar to make sure the lemons are covered in liquid. 
    Lacto Fermented Lemons (Salted Lemons)Lacto Fermented Lemons (Salted Lemons)

  4. Ferment this for about 1 month and store it in the refrigerator for up to 1 year. You can use for recipes with chicken or great for salads too. A little bit will go a long way! 

Also see our dehydrated lemons, which look gorgeous and are great ingredients for baked items.  

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  • Posted on by Helen

    This is an amazing recipe, do u think can cut the lemon into smaller wedges, easily to soak and take out small one to use?

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