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Dried Koji 米麹 - 200g

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This is a dried rice koji cultured from a small town named Yakumo, located in Hokkaido. It's a great way to add good old Japanese flavors to your table, which can be hard to find outside of Japan.


Dried Koji is a stable product and can be used in the same way throughout the year! 

Suggested Use
You can make Amazake (sweet sake), Miso and also try making your own Shio Koji to marinate your food.

Before using in your recipes, please mix the dried koji with 120ml hot water (about 50C to 60C) and soak for 30 minutes to activate. 



豊かな自然に恵まれた町「北海道八雲町」で作られた米麹は、海外ではなかなか味わえない、伝統と安心が作り出した ホっとする味わいです。