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Electric Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer Kit

Original price HK$200.00 - Original price HK$200.00
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HK$200.00 - HK$200.00
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This electric Mason jar vacuum sealer kit includes:

  • an electric vacuum sealer containing a wide mouth sealer, a standard mouth seal converter
  • 5 X wide mouth Mason jar lids
  • 5 X regular mouth Mason jar lids
  • USB Type-C recharge cable
  • bottle cap opener
  • user guide

This machine can be used for our Mason Jar with 2 Piece Lid - 12 oz

Convenient and Easy to Use:
Using the vacuum sealer is incredibly easy. Just make sure the electric vacuum sealer is properly aligned and firmly pressed onto the jar lid. With a simple press of a button, the vacuum pump activates, and within 20 seconds or so, the air is effectively removed, creating a tight seal. Pressing the button again closes the sealer, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Enhanced Portability:
With portability as its primary focus, the Mason jar vacuum sealer is thoughtfully designed. Unlike conventional vacuum pumps that require cords and tubing, this compact and cordless rechargeable vacuum sealer is lightweight and effortless to carry. It serves as a convenient travel companion, enabling you to experience the advantages of vacuum sealing wherever you go, be it during travel, camping trips, or picnics.

Long-lasting Battery Life:
The vacuum sealer kit comes with a high-capacity battery that provides an extended usage time of around 5 hours. It only requires a 2-hour charging time, allowing you to depend on the vacuum sealer for multiple sealing sessions before requiring a recharge.

Premium Quality Materials:
The Mason jar vacuum sealer is constructed using durable ABS plastic and food-grade silicone, guaranteeing the safety and preservation of your food. These materials are not only long-lasting but also easy to clean and resistant to moisture, making them perfect for extended food storage.

How to use:

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