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Everyday Miracle Maker by Silvana La Pegna

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If you've ever experienced a synchronicity, lucky break, act of grace or soul mate connection then you've experienced an everyday miracle. Chances are you created it without realising. Becoming an Everyday Miracle Maker will teach you the art of creating them more often.

Silvana La Pegna - medical intuitive, coach and mentor - has dedicated over a decade to understanding and teaching her clients how they can apply self-help to heal themselves from ailments, stress and unhealthy patterns to and transform their lives.

Everyday Miracle Maker shares 7 self-transformation keys to unlock your miracle-making mind-set and shows how they can shift your vibrational frequencies to improve your mind, body and spiritual wellbeing to accomplish your goals.

She explains many miracles are deliberate acts of creation that allow you to attract what you want or need. She believes that everything has a vibrational frequency; everything you believe, think, do and say sends signals to everyone around you and vice versa.

As a medical intuitive she uses her intuition to detect disharmony in her clients' energy fields and uses this knowledge to show them how to shift unhelpful vibrational frequencies. This is one of many ways she helps improve their health and life experience.

She has coached hundreds of clients on how to create and maintain the optimal mind-set and apply spirituality in practical ways that invites and allows everyday miracles to appear.

Silvana's enlightening and compelling book provides an invaluable template for giving your life meaning and making sense of it. This book will give you the tools and confidence to transform challenges into opportunities. It'll show you how to get what your soul desires with less stress, greater insight and energetic spirit

These are life-changing learnable skills everyone needs.

Learn to broadcast and receive the right signals, messages and opportunities and become an Everyday Miracle Maker every single day!

This is the popular BTAL process from Everyday Miracle Maker.
For two action packed hours, Silvana will guide you to demystify and reveal where your approach is holding you back, keeping you stuck or interfering in the momentum you want to achieve. She will tell if you sabotaging your progress and how. This process reveals exactly where the obstacles and issues are and Silvana will offer you techniques, tools and strategies to resolve them during the call so you can hit the ground running when the session is over.

What clients have said:
“An eye opening and jaw dropping experience, what I learned was invaluable”
“I wasted 2 years trying to push against what Silvana illuminated and explained in 2 hours - incredible”

What this process can do for you:

  • Provide you with ideas, suggestions and guidance to help you know exactly why, where and how change is required to help you move forward towards a specific goal.
  • Explain the frequencies shifts required in your energy field in a practical way you can understand and apply to create improved energy flow.
  • Reboot your mindset to take charge of the area of your life where you want this growth or achievement in a new and more powerful way.
  • Re-energize you to take new inspired action immediately.

To book your Discovery Session
Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Scroll down and click Add to Cart
Step 3. To receive the 20% discount you must add the coupon code you can get from Foodcraft upon perchance of your book.
Step 4. The Discovery Session fee of $495 will be reduced to $396
Step 5. Check the price has been adjusted before enter your credit card details and finalize the payment.
Step 6. Once payment is received you’ll receive an email to set up the date and time of your session. Sessions are conducted virtually by Google Meet, Skype or Facetime. If you would prefer your session by phone this can be arranged.

All one on one sessions are confirmed based on availability.
Take advantage of this Limited Time Offer – ends December 31th 2022
If you have some questions about the Discovery Session you can reach Silvana here and she will answer anything that’s on your mind.

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