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Hydrolock for Airlock Fermenting - set of 3

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This set DOES NOT come with a Mason jar.
For the fermentation kit with the Mason jar, order this set.

Airlocks are a versatile fermenting equipment. They can be used for a variety of purposes like fermenting sauerkraut and making pickles, or even brewing wine and beer.

Airlocks are designed to allow gas bubbles to escape during the fermentation process while preventing oxygen from ruining your ferments and brewing activities, or letting little insects enter your fermentation.

It is very easy to use and clean. You can separate the airlock into 3 parts and clean it very easily.

If you have been fermenting for a while, you will understand why this tool is so useful. If you are new to fermentation... Join our fermentation class and get started on a gut-happy journey with us!

Sauerkraut Making Class
Lacto-fermentation Class
Kombucha Brewing Class
Kefir Brewing Class
Miso Making Class

What Is In This Fermentation Set?

A 3-piece preassembled airlocks. All parts are BPA-free.
Clear, sturdy, long-lasting: each airlock is made from crystal-clear, strong plastic.
Lid that will fit a 86 mm Φ Mason Jar
7cm diameter glass weight with a lip on top

Why Did We Include the Glass Weight?

The glass weight is an important accessory for successful fermentation. It helps keep your fermenting vegetables submerged under the brine during the fermentation process. For pickling and other lacto-fermentation, it is essential to keep the fruits and vegetables fully submerged below the brine to ensure safe, anaerobic fermentation.

This glass weight is specifically designed to fit snugly inside our 24oz mason jars. The handle has a lip on the top edge that makes it easier to grab, whether it's dry, wet, or slippery from the fermentation. You can easily place the weight on top of your fermenting produce, or use it to weigh down the vegetables if they float up halfway in the jar. The weight can be easily handled using tongs.

With an average weight of 150g, these glass weights provide just the right amount of heft to reliably keep your ferment fully submerged under the brine. This ensures optimal conditions for the beneficial lactic acid bacteria to thrive and transform your ingredients.

  • Size Specifications of the Glass Weight:
    7cm (approx. 2.75 inches) in diameter
    150g (approx. 5.3 oz) average weight

If you like to order only the weights, we have this in a set of 5 too.

Combine with a Mason Jar
This Hydrolock set is designed to fit our 24oz Mason Jar. 
The lid is designed to match a 86 mm Φ Mason Jar. 

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