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Japanese Pickled Garlic - 220g

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Pickled Garlic, also known as Shoyuzuke (醤油漬け)Garlic in Japan, is a powerful antioxidant with microbial, antiviral and antibiotic properties.   Eat pickled garlic without having that immediate garlic breath while getting the same health benefits that garlic provides.    

Also, raw garlic can be quite difficult to digest for some people so by pickling them, the fermentation process makes it much easier for you to consume and also gives you probiotic benefits.

For colds and flus, it can help with decongestion, and it is also a source of  Vitamin C and other minerals that help to boost immunity. 

Suggested Use

    • Top your salads/Mix into your dressings
    • On its own as a side/appetizer
    • Stir Fry into your favourite recipes
    • Mix together with your other pickled vegetables
    • Eat a clove or two every 3 or 4 hours to combat sickness

Ingredients:  Fresh Garlic, Organic Tamari Soy Sauce, Organic Coconut Sugar, Fresh Red Chili

Customer Reviews

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Ano Nimoos
Very good

Crispy and full of flavour

Hello Ano,
Sometimes we like having it in our Sourdough breads too! ;)

Pickled garlic

Love this product

Thank you for your purchase and comment! Great to know that!