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KAI SELECT100 Mini Ceramic Mortar ミニすり鉢

  • HK$19500

 Perfect design to make baby food or ground seeds like sesame to make a paste. 

The mortar is designed with deep folds at the bottom of the bowl to grind hard materials like dried fish.

Carefully designed and coated so that it is easy to clean. A well-balanced palm size bowl with a stick that is easy-to-grip.  

We use this in our Japanese Cooking Classes.





Material Body / ceramic pestle / natural wood (Park)

Size Details Body size: 104 × 102 × 64 mm, weight: 213 g
Country of Production Japan


材質 材質:本体/陶磁器すりこぎ/天然木(朴)
サイズ詳細 本体サイズ:104×102×64mm、重量:213g
生産国 日本

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