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Round Rattan Proofing Bread Basket - 21cm with Liner

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HK$150.00 - HK$150.00
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This basket is suitable for proofing sourdough bread:

  • Best for making healthy artisan bread
  • Both for home use or bread shop
  • Made from rattan
  • Hand wash with warm water and keep dry after clean

You can also purchase with the Liner for the 22cm size when baking with very wet doughs to prevent sticking to basket.

What is Sourdough?

Sourdough bread making traced back to the ancient art of artisan bread making that uses 3 basic ingredients, ie flour + water + salt and time for fermentation. All other additive/unnatural ingredients that commercially produced bread include are eliminated. 

Why it’s good for you?

Sourdough bread is healthy, is gentle to the digestive system, is delicious and the crumb texture gives a satisfying mouth feel. 

New to sourdough baking?

Join Sesame Kitchen's Sourdough Class series!

How to maintain my Proofing Basket?

Please do not wash this basket with soap and water. It is made of wood, and like all other wood products, it will absorb liquids and loose its function.

The traditional way of cleaning these baskets are to leave them out in sunshine to dry them out between bakes. Sunshine will sterilize your proofing baskets. 

Another way to clean your benetton baskets are to simply dry them off and brush off the flour with a hard brush (tooth brushes are good too. Obviously, not the ones you used to brush your teeth!). It is important that the flour is completely dried so that you can brush it off. To dry the basket, you can leave it in the oven after baking so that it can dry off or put it in a food dehydrator if you have one. 

Living in a hot humid place like Hong Kong, keeping your basket dry will be your cleaning process - so please store in dry place (also not the refrigerator). 

Proofing baskets are meant to be used just for bread making and the dough is not anything "dirty" so it will not need any washing. Just make sure that the flour is brushed off and the baskets are kept dry and that is good enough!

Please remember, do not wash your basket or get it wet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Super responsive! Great customer service and actioned super fast! The delivery guy was so responsive! He message me before he arrived and let me know after he gang the item at my front door per my request and taken a photo to show me!! Very impressed!!

Hello JN :)
Being at your service is a pleasure and duty of FoodCraft's, enjoy the tastes and services !

Casey Phaisalakani
Haven’t used it yet but excited!

Product came exactly on the day I requested and it looks beautiful! Can’t wait to start using the proofing bread basket!

Hello Casey,
Cannot wait for you to discover its great purpose with some entertaining Sourdough baking!! Enjoy :)